Ne Obliviscaris Interview WSOU

Published: Friday, April 7, 2023


Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris talks about their new album Exul in an exclusive interview with WSOU! This album is years in the making, with every second of every song being carefully perfected along the way. Charles says that "the beginnings of songwriting for this album started in May 2019...we were in Australia for an Australian tour and we kind of spent a week just kind of coming up with some initial ideas. The ones for these original songs, I mean some of them were even earlier than that." Listeners who crave long, epic storytelling will be incredibly satisfied by Exul. "I'm always looking for every sng to take the listener on a journey. That's what I enjoy about writing music for Ne Obliviscaris," Charles said. With epic violin lines, clean and guttural vocals, and multiple part songs, there is never a dull moment on the new Ne Obliviscaris album Exul. Check out all this and more in a WSOU 89.5 FM exclusive interview with Tim Charles from Ne Obliviscaris!