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For more than 70 years, WSOU has been mentoring and graduating students who go on successful careers in the news, broadcast, music, and entertainment industries. 

Established in 1988, the WSOU Hall of Fame honors distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to their professions and recognizes their involvement with Seton Hall University’s student-run radio station. Inductees are chosen based on their professional accomplishments, WSOU student career activities, service to WSOU and Seton Hall University after graduation, support of current students, personal examples of servant leadership and involvement with alumni activities. The current members of the WSOU Hall of Fame are:

   Hall of Fame

Bill Rock

Class of 1969

Jim Malespina

Class of 1971

Bob Ley

Class of 1976

Msgt. Thomas Gillhooly

Thomas Parnham

Steve Nenno

Pat Parson

Class of 1960

Rev. James Pindar


Robert Wussler

Class of 1957

Glenn Schuck

Class of 1985

Robert Windrem

Class of 1968

Bernie Wagenblast

Class of 1978

Bob Picozzi

Class of 1972

Matt Loughlin
Class of 1979

Pete Tauriello

Class of 1976

Frank Garrity
Class of 1982

Bishop John O'Hara

Class of 1967

Professor Stanley Kosakowski

Joe Garifo

Class of 1972

Matt DeVoti

Class of 1984

David Packer

Class of 1988

Cristina Del Giorno

Class of 1988

Richard Koziol

Class of 1968

Mark Maben

Joe Reilly

Class of 1960

Tracy Gottlieb

Class of 1975

Kim Mulligan

Class of 1995

I’ve been kicking around in radio since 1989 when Hall of Famer Dave Packer got me my first gig at WXCT in Hamden, CT. That station was full of seasoned radio talent…Not to mention some colorful characters. One of those characters helped me land my next job way out on Long Island in Sag Harbor where I worked for the legendary Paul Sidney. What a trip that was, but I guess life in a whaling town wasn’t for me and I ended up back in NJ asking probing questions like, “Would you like another Grey Goose martini, sir?” Luckily, someone took mercy on me and offered me a production job at Unistar Radio Network in the heart of Times Square on 42nd St. Right next door to a swanky place called Les Gals. Eventually, Unistar turned into Westwood One and moved 10 blocks north to 52nd St. There I stayed and had a blast for about 9 years.

I’m really not sure how I ended up selling health club memberships as we entered the 21st century, but that’s where I cooled my heels until another WSOU alum, Stacey X, brought me into Sirius and onto the channel that became Hair Nation. This was my dream job. Satellite radio was brand new at the time and it was like the wild west! What fun we had!

At some point, I ended up at WDHA. This is where I had the honor of working with the illustrious Hall of Famer Matt DeVoti. The Rock of NJ was my home until 2017 when I went back across the mighty Hudson to Fox News Radio where I currently serve as a Network Audio Operator & Podcast Production Operator. That’s a long title…And this is a long story, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The radio business is full of unique characters and I’m happy to be one of them.

distinguished alumni award

Gabby Canella

Class of 2012


George Roskos

Class of 2009


Clayton Collier

Class of 2016


Stephanie Wightman

Class of 2008


Victoria Haffner

Class of 2013


John Fanta

Class of 2017


Rachel Haggerty

Class of 2019

Rachel graduated Seton Hall University in 2019, and was a member of WSOU since before her Freshman year. She spent two years as Assistant Technical Operations Director before moving into the student manager role her senior year. After graduation, Rachel participated in the National Association of Broadcasters Technology Apprenticeship Program, completing an internship with iHeartMedia's New York City cluster of radio stations.

Rachel spent the first two years post-college moving through various roles nationally at iHeartMedia before becoming the Assistant Chief Engineer of WABC-AM. Since 2023, Rachel is now back at iHeartMedia New York, working for their syndicated programming, Premiere Networks, on their nationally broadcasted talk shows. Rachel is an active member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, holding their Certificate in Broadcast Radio Engineering, and is still involved in the NAB's Leadership Foundation, recently speaking at the New York NAB Show.


WSOU alumni wishing to stay connected to the station are encouraged to provided their contact information below, as well as to join WSOU’s Alumni Facebook Group by emailing Bernie Wagenblast.

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