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Meet the Sportscasters


Image of Michael Federico

Michael Federico

Sports Director

Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Sophmore

Favorite Teams: Mets, Colts, Rangers, Knicks

Why I love sports: I love sports for the competition, the dedication, and the drive you must have to get better. The relationships you build and the memories you create between coaches and teammates last a lifetime. And most importantly the life lessons that are learned through sports can be used for everyday life.

Image of Jonathan Heite

Jonathan Heite

Assistant Sports Director

Hometown: Aberdeen, New Jersey
Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Junior

Favorite Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Rangers, New York Yankees, New York Knicks

Why I Love Sports: The pure excitement and anticipation from all aspects of the game, the comradery between teammates and fans, and the common bond that brings people together. You could be at your job helping a customer or waiting on line for a movie, and nine out of ten times, you can strike up a conversation with someone about any sport. There's not many things that have this impact on society.

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Spencer Gonzales

Assistant Sports Director

Hometown: Mukilteo, Washington

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Sophmore

Favorite Sport:

Favorite Team: Seattle Seahawks

Why I love Sports:

Image of Brian Henderson

Brian Henderson

Assistant Sports Director

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Sophmore

Favorite Teams: Giants, Celtics, Devils

Why I love sports: I love sports because it's something that brings a lot of different backgrounds together. It was also something my family and I watched a lot growing up, so we all connected over sports

Image of Joseph Morales

Joseph Morales

Assistant Sports Director

Hometown: Manalapan, NJ

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Freshman

Favoirte Sports Team: Yankees, Giants, Nets, Rangers

Why I love sports: Night in and night out there's always something to watch. It's a great way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Image of Joe Matthews

Joe Matthews

Tech Ops Director

Hometown: Lincroft, New Jersey 

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Junior

Favorite Teams: New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, Washington Football Team

Why I Love Sports: It's a universal language that brings people together. 
Image of Joey Nardone

Joey Nardone

Programming Director

Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Senior

Favorite Teams: Atlanta United, New York Rangers, Fiorentina, Plymouth Argyle, New York Mets

Why I Love Sports: I loved sports ever since I was young. I played soccer my entire life and love watching all different kinds of sports, mostly hockey and soccer.
Image of Ryan Henry

Ryan Henry

News Director

Hometown: Bensalem, Pennsylvania 
Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Junior
Favorite Teams: Philadelphia Sixers and Philadelphia Eagles
Why I Love Sports: Sports connect each and every one of us. We may come from different backgrounds, but sports is the one unifying thing in this world. Everyone knows how to shoot a basketball or swing a baseball bat. It's the universal language.
Image of Ryan Johnston

Ryan Johnston

Hometown: Newark, Delaware 
Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Sophomore
Favorite Teams: Los Angeles Lakers, Arsenal
Why I Love Sports: Regardless if someone is watching or playing, sports are a platform for people from all across the world to connect and compete with each other.
Image of Alyssa Martinez-Tovar

Alyssa Martinez-Tovar

Hometown: East Stroudsburg, PA

Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Sophmore

Favorite Teams: Phillies, Patriots, 76ers

Why I love sports: I love sports because I have been playing them since I was 4 years old. They make me feel happy, and it is something that I am very good at. When I am stressing I always know that sports has my back because I could either watch it and feel better or go out and play them.
Image of Michael Stamm

Michael Stamm

Hometown: Stony Point, New York
Major/Year: Sports Management/Junior
Favorite Teams: New York Giants
Why I Love Sports: I love sports because it is something everyone can connect with and watch together.
Image of Nicholas Masturzo

Nicholas Masturzo

Hometown: Pheonixville, Pennsylvania 
Major/Year: Visual and Sound Media/Junior
Favorite Teams: Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia 76ers & Philadelphia Eagles
Why I Love Sports: There is nothing like sports. The energy created by - not only the fans - but by the athletes and coaches themselves is electric. That electric energy then makes watching sports so much fun, regardless if it is in-person or on TV.