January 2016 Website Recap

Date: February 1, 2016

Here are all of the additions made to the website in January

Album Review:

1/24 Wild Youth by Steve Angelo

1/31 Album Review: "The Astonishing" by Dream Theater


1/13 Poll: What's the Most Exciting January Metal Release?

1/19 That Metal Show: A Reflection

1/29 Top Ten Albums For Punk U

Exclusive Interviews:

1/09 Cauldron Interview

1/24 Moontooth Interview

1/25 Chris Adler Interview

Podcast Episodes:

1/15 024 Salt

1/22 025 Blank Pages

1/29 026: Fanboy

Top Ten New Music:

This has been another great month for the site! As always, bookmark and check back for weekly updates! 

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