Korn Interview

Date: November 14, 2022

WSOU interviews James Shaffer "Munky" from Korn about their latest album Requiem, recording an album with two rhythm guitarists, and the nu-metal scene today. WSOU last caught up with Korn in 2012 when we interviewed Fieldy. Since then, the band has released 4 studio albums. According to Munky, their most recent album Requiem had a unique recording process as well: "This album we recorded on 2-inch captures something when you go live to tape...We've gone back to a lot of our analog gear because there's a warmth to it...there's just a spontaneity once you see that recording light turn red on a tape machine." Brian "Head" Welch has also rejoined the band since our last interview with Korn. When asked how Korn records music with two non-lead guitar players, Munky said "We've discovered strengths that each of us have. He's very good at putting melody lines over the top of my weird chord voicings...and then I don't know how Jonathan does it, but he can sing over pretty much anything we write...which is incredible because we write some weird stuff!"

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