Recap: Pirates Sink the Hoyas in a Triumphant 3-1 Victory

Date: November 19, 2022

By: Louie Pasculli

The Pirates get a much needed win against the Hoyas on Friday.

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The Seton Hall Pirates snapped a three-game losing streak this Friday by defeating the Georgetown Hoyas, 3-1. The match was held at Walsh Gymnasium and the 14-14 Pirates were certainly prepared to take on the 4-23 Hoyas.

The first set was a strong one for Seton Hall as they led for most of the set. Kills from Julia Wilkins, Jenna Walsh, and Laila Wallace at varying points of the set proved to be extremely important.

Georgetown kept it close as they did not go down more than four points at any point in Set 1. Although it was competitive, the Pirates went on to win 25-22 going up 1-0.

The second set was pretty much the opposite, as the Hoyas now had the upper hand. Georgetown’s Emma Plutnicki recorded a third of her assist total in Set 2 alone, helping out 13 times out of her 39 on the match.

On the other end of the court, Seton Hall found themselves down 22-17. Kills by Walsh and Wallace and a Georgetown attack error put Seton Hall’s point total to 22, but not without some Plutnicki assists that surged the Hoyas to 24 points. Georgetown scored the next point and took the set tying the match at 1-1.

The third set was crucial for The Hall. Blocks and dinks over the net into space were a main source of Seton Hall points. The pirates were down 16-12 but fought their way back into the match, outsourcing the Hoyas 13-4 to finish the set.

Seton Hall ended up winning 25-20.

The fourth set had the largest margin of victory out of all four sets. Seton Hall was hungry for a win, which have been hard to come by since the injury of Anna Holland. The Hall only gave up 16 points to Georgetown and pulled away as the set dragged on.

Taylor Jakubowski led the team in the energy department as she was ensuring her teammates were as keen on putting the game away as she was. The final score was 25-16 and the Pirates huddled in celebration.

Seton Hall’s next and final game will be against Villanova. The match will be played at Walsh Gymnasium, and it will be senior night for the Pirates. Make sure to keep up with all the Seton Volleyball news right here on, Twitter and Instagram.

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