Album Review: Mable by Spraynard

Date: July 14, 2015

By Skooter


Spraynard is a punk band from Westchester, PA. I had never listened to them until I read on that they were releasing a new album entitled Mable. It was released July tenth, and as it turns out, the album is awesome. I don't usually listen to many bands like them, so they were a nice change of pace. The album is fairly short, containing only ten tracks. Spraynard has a pop-punk kind of vibe, and in a way, Mable sounds like a cross between Weezer and Taking Back Sunday.

The album starts out kind of energetic with the song "Applebee's Bar," then gets more energetic with the second track, "Burried," which was my favorite one on the entire album, because it sounds straight out of the nineties- it has that kind feel to it. So if you like pop-punk, you would probably really enjoy it!

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