Deftones Interview

Date: August 11, 2015

 Erica Interviewed Deftones on their tour with Incubus, The writing and recording of their new album and more

On how the tour with Incubus is going

"Its pretty neat, we started two weeks ago is been going by pretty good. We've toured with Incubus before and we're kinda used to hanging out to our old buddies" ... "This time around they asked us, we had a good time with them a few years back. We've also been working on a record for the past years or so. and it good to go out and not have the pressure of headlining a show. Were sort doing a package thing like this saving for it when our records out and doing a proper tour with us headlining so this is a good way for us to get our feet wet."

On their new album, its release date and sound.

"I think October or November, probably November, as of today we are rushing to get our thank yous and credits turned in. Once the music turned in which should be in the next couple of weeks there is still some mixing and mastering to be done. But the recordings all done the songs are all there, they are awesome were excited about it" ... "One thing this record that's really cool sonically, our bass play is playing a 6 sting bass which is closer to a baritone guitar. So how his frequency works with my guitar frequency and Stef guitar frequency it molded a different sound, a different area of sonics that is new for us."

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