Record Number of Students Attend the Radio Show

Date: October 3, 2019

The Gen Z Panel at the radio show in Dallas

WSOU Station Manager Wilnir Louis, second from right, speaks during the “Generation Z Onstage - Born and Raised in a Digital World” panel at the National Association of Broadcasters and Radio Advertising Bureau’s annual Radio Show convention. Moderated by Jose Villa, Chief Strategy Officer for Sensis (far left), other panelists included on-air personality Ana Castillejos from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, KVLU on-air talent Amari Vann, Ashley Wilson, Director of Country Programming, Kentucky/Indiana Region – iHeartMedia, and Zach Sang, host of the Zach Sang Show from Westwood One. Credit: Wilnir Louis.

Nine staff members from WSOU 89.5 FM, the student-run radio station of Seton Hall University, recently atteneded the 2019 Radio Show in Dallas, Texas. The conference is co-porduced by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and is the nation's largest gathering of the radio industry. WSOU Station Manager Wilnir Louis was one of only two college students selected to speak as a panelist during the three-day long convention.
A record ten Seton Hall students were selected this year as NAB Student Scholars, with nine of them able to make the trip to Dallas. In 2018, six Seton Hall students were designated as Student Scholars.
All Student Scholars received a scholarship to attend the NAB Radio Show, which took place Sept. 24 – 26. In Texas, the students participated in special educational programming and networking events designed specifically for college students. The students also took advantage of the conference’s professional management, programming, sales/marketing, content creation, and research sessions.
“My experience at the Radio Show exceeded my expectations,” said station program director Alexis Juarez. “One of the things that drew me to Seton Hall and WSOU were the opportunities for professional development that the school and station provide. The information I learned from attending sessions like ‘Growing Air Talent’ and ‘The Secret to Longer TSL’ will definitely help me be better at my job as a student manager and be more prepared for my career.”

Some of the students who attended as student scholars

(Left to Right) WSOU Promotions Director Tayla Frey, Technical Operations Director Jillian Fitzpatrick, Staff Representative Kaleigh Diamond, and Program Director Alexis Juarez share a moment at the Marconi Awards ceremony during the NAB Radio Show. Credit: Wilnir Louis.

Seton Hall junior and station manager Wilnir Louis noted that his experience as a panelist for the “Generation Z Onstage - Born and Raised in a Digital World” session was one of the highlights of conference for him. “Few college students get the opportunity share their opinions and insights before hundreds of radio professionals, including the industry’s top leaders,” Louis said. “I am honored that the NAB chose me as one of the individuals to represent Gen Z, a demographic cohort that is 77 million strong and will be shaping media culture throughout the 21st century. What was terrific is that the conversation about Gen Z and how radio can connect with younger listeners continued throughout the convention.”

Another angle of the Generation Z panel

“Generation Z Onstage - Born and Raised in a Digital World” panel in action on Sept. 24. (Left to right) Jose Villa, Chief Strategy Officer, Sensis; Ana Castillejos, On-air Personality, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show; Amari Vann, On-Air Talent, KVLU-FM; Ashley Wilson, Director of Country Programming, Kentucky/Indiana Region, iHeartMedia; Wilnir Louis, Station Manager, WSOU-FM; Zach Sang, Host, Zach Sang Show, Westwood One. Credit: National Association of Broadcasters.

“My experiences at WSOU have inspired me to pursue a media career, so I was thrilled to be named an NAB Student Scholar,” WSOU Sports Director Dalton Allison said. “Attending the radio show allowed me to connect with other students from across the country and with dozens of industry professionals who I will continue to keep in touch with. I am grateful to the RAB, NAB, WSOU, and Seton Hall for the support and encouragement they have given to me and other students who are passionate about careers in audio.”
Dalton Allison sitting at the Total Traffic booth, where he currently works in NJ

WSOU Sports Director Dalton Allison checks out the Total Traffic & Weather Network booth at the NAB Radio Show. Credit: Jillian Fitzpatrick

For Seton Hall senior and WSOU Staff Representative Kaleigh Diamond, being an NAB Student Scholar afforded her the opportunity to meet one of her favorite radio personalities, Delilah. “For as long as I can remember, my family has listened 106.7 FM, New York’s home for Delilah, so it was exciting to meet her in person in Dallas,” Diamond said. “To get some career advice and encouragement from one of radio’s best-known personalities was amazing.”
Kali and Delilah

WSOU’s Kaleigh Diamond (right) spoke with national syndicated radio personality Delilah while attending the NAB Radio Show as a Student Scholar. Credit: Wilnir Louis.

“It’s truly thrilling to have so many students selected as NAB Student Scholars this year,” station General Manager Mark Maben said. “Their acceptance into this competitive program demonstrates the outstanding education and training they receive at WSOU and Seton Hall, as well as how passionate our students are about radio. It shows that there is a new generation ready to step in and keep radio strong for decades to come.”
The ten Seton Hall students named as 2019 NAB Student Scholars are:
· Dalton Allison, Byram, N.J.
· Ronald Castaneda, East Newark, N.J.
· Kaleigh Diamond, Maywood, N.J.
· Jillian Fitzpatrick, Kearny N.J.
· Talya Frey, Lyndhurst, N.J.
· Alexis Juarez, Hacienda Heights, Calif.
· James Krause, Wantagh, N.Y.
· Wilnir Louis, Linden, N.J.
· Christopher Russo, Haworth, N.J.
· Sabrina Saroza, Rahway, N.J.
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