Tallah Interview

Date: November 21, 2022

Max Portnoy from Tallah talks about the band's upcoming album The Generation of Danger!

Speaking on Tallah's unique "nu-core" sound, Max told us that "we all grew up listening to Slipknot, System [of a Down], those types of bands...nowadays we're listening to more hardcore...the influences are just there, [we're] just naturally, just taking from those types of heavy music."

Max has also said for The Generation of Danger, he wanted to take their first album and bring the intensity even harder.

"The last album was our debut...I obviously had like a sound in my head of what I wanted to be like but it didn't exist yet because I hadn't written was a lot of figuring out kind of like how I wanted this heavy sound I had in my head to actually sound."

Check out Max Portnoy talk about all these things and more in his interview with WSOU 89.5 FM!

The Generation of Danger by Tallah is out November 18th, 2022. 

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