Parkway Drive's "Viva The Underdogs" Review

Date: January 27, 2020

Written and Reviewed by Valentino Petrarca

Edited by Alisa Stewart 

Rating: 10/10
Parkway Drive is the fastest rising metal and rock artist the world has seen in quite some time. They have done incredible world tours, awed people with their sound, and slowly have become a true staple of the scene. That being said, the hype for their new movie, Viva The Underdogs, exceeded even those high expectations. People (myself included) could not wait to take a deep dive into the world of Parkway Drive.
Despite being more of a documentary, the movie does have an extremely cohesive and engaging overall plot narrative. This isn’t the journey of the band start to finish, it is the band’s journey to Wacken Music Festival in Germany. This movie flawlessly depicts the highs and lows of being in a band as it rises to fame. There are so many moments where you want to cheer out and sing as loud as you can. Watching the band slowly reach that massive level of success is such an intense and warm feeling. You root for them the entire time. This movie also depicts how down to earth the band is. All Parkway Drive wants is to put on the best show possible for their fans. They have no egos, are unassuming, and some of the most down to earth musicians in the modern industry. Watching them try to create the best show possible while helplessly witnessing the technical aspects of their set start breaking is nothing but gut wrenching. There were also some hilarious comedic moments scattered throughout the film. This movie really had the audience experience the full spectrum of emotions in an extremely captivating way. 
The cinematography was also flawless. All the shots were framed perfectly and incredible. Especially for a documentary like this, the shots must be clear and easy to follow. These shots really do take you into the everyday lives of the band members. There are very enormous spectacles as well as intimate personal shots. The audience gets a true glimpse into the larger than life moments, as well as the small little moments of Parkway Drive. This really showcases to the audience the band’s personality. They are doing their absolute best while following their passion. It was everything I wanted and more. 
The music in the film in mastered beautifully. When a movie is based entirely on a band or artist, the audio production and mastering is arguably the most essential part of the film. This movie’s audio and music was incredibly raw and well produced. When they were playing live, I truly felt like I was right there with them. Experiencing every show with the band and the audience as well. There was not a single second throughout the film where I wasn’t thoroughly engaged. The movie really made me feel like I was hearing all the songs I’ve heard thousands of times before in a new energetic light. 
The live performances in the movie are energetic and inspiring. Every time the band plays, it feels like their playing the music right from their soul. Everyone has a powerful and compelling stage presence. When Parkway Drive is on stage, they command your full attention. If you've seen Parkway live already you know exactly what I'm talking about. Watching them perform, especially in this film, is like watching them capture lighting in a bottle every single show. As an audience member, you know you are witnessing something truly special.
In terms of negative aspects and gripes I had with the movie, there are really none. This film succeeded in everything I wanted it to and more. It was engaging, entertaining, powerful, the plot was phenomenal, the music was incredible, the live performances were stunning, and it accurately depicted the journey of Parkway Drive. I have no issues giving this movie a solid 10/10. I would recommend Viva The Underdogs to anyone who enjoys Metal or Metalcore. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the future for Parkway Drive.

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