Every My Chemical Romance Album Ranked

Date: February 5, 2020

Written and Reviewed by Valentino Petrarca

Edited by Alisa Stewart

In honor of the first North American tour of My Chemical Romance since the infamous 2013 breakup, I have decided to review and rank all studio albums by My Chemical Romance. I will go on record saying this is the hardest list I've ever had to make. Every singe MCR album is so deeply unique and creative it feels impossible to place one before the other. However, after much agonizing, I believe I have come to a clear concise list for myself personally. If you enjoy My Chemical Romance, listen to Under The Stars every Tuesday 10:00pm - midnight to hear more emo, pop-punk, acoustic, and post hardcore music. Without further ado, here are the My Chemical Romance albums ranked.

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys- 9.5/10

Danger Days album cover
This album is one of the best, if not the best, album released in the last decade. Danger Days does not try to replicate their previous efforts, but rather create an entire world of their own. The sounds they play with on this album are original and fresh. This record is a breath of fresh air from all the darkness we've heard on the last three records. Even the somber and reflective moments on the album have a twinkle and shine to their tone. This album is extremely cohesive and a prime example of how a band should reinvent their sound. The story of this album follows a group of rebels in post-apocalyptic California during the year 2019 as they take down an evil corrupt company called Better-Living-Industries. The narrative is incredibly rich with pages upon pages of lore. This album not only was a masterpiece music wise, but aesthetically really raised the bar. Everything the band did during this era fed the neon post-apocalyptic vibe beautifully which elevated the atmosphere of the album and story. There are so many stellar cuts on this album such as Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back, Party Poison, and Vampire Money. This album was not the MCR album most fans thought they would get following The Black Parade, but in the end are beyond thrilled to have.


I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love- 9.8/10

I Brought You Bullets,You Brought Me Your Love Album Cover
This record has an extremely raw sound to it. Out of all four studio albums, Bullets is the only one to actually capture the emotional whiny-punk sound that is defined as emo. There are so many elements that make this album work. This guitar riffs are some of the most unique I've ever heard, and the lyrics are witty as well as ominous. This whole record feels like a mix between a massive tantrum and a chilling nightmare. Lyrically, the themes discussed on this album are also incredibly profound. Most bands go their entire career never making an album half as extraordinary and captivating as this one, and My Chemical Romance did it on their first try. 

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge-10/10

Three Cheers For Sweet revenge Album Cover
Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is a classic album that deserves every bit of praise it gets. It follows the story of two lovers and how one copes with the loss of his beloved. This album flawlessly depicts the narrator's descent into madness. Gerard delivers absolutely manic vocals on this whole album. Ray and Frank's guitar playing feels like its constantly on the edge of a massive breakdown. Mikey's bass and Bob's drums are frantic and consistently pounding away as well. There are many horror-core elements weaved throughout the punk-rock and emo styled music. This album is an experience start to finish. It's cohesive and powerful in every aspect. Lyrics are memorable, music is irate, and messages/themes are profound. Finding flaws in this album is near impossible. There is a reason this album is not only a staple in My Chemical Romance's discography, but also a staple in the entire rock genre.

The Black Parade- 10/10

My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Album Cover
Few words can accurately describe how flawless this album is. This rock opera is about a patient who is diagnosed with weeks to live, and the entire album is his mind attempting to process such a diagnosis. The instrumentation is some of the best theatrical rock every written. Every guitar lick, bass rhythm, and vocal melody is iconic and truly a masterpiece. This album takes the listener through an epic journey full of love, hate, sacrifice, fear, sadness, and much more. Such a vast array of people connected with this album so deeply, that it cemented the band as a force to be reckoned with. The Black Parade has intricate song structure that were deeply engaging. Every second of this album commands your attention in every possible way. Artists don't make albums like this anymore. Anyone who has not heard this perfect record need to drop everything they're doing and give it a listen.
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