Currents Interview

Date: March 22, 2023

WSOU sits down with Brian Wille from Currents! Currents is a progressive metalcore band from Connecticut. What drew Wille to Currents was their status as “the” band in Connecticut. They now have over 800,000 monthly listener on Spotify, with one of their latest singles achieving over 2 million streams alone. Wille said, “Where are these people? Who are you guys? We’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming, so hopefully all these people are gonna be stoked on that.” Their upcoming album The Death We Seek also has many interesting lyrical concepts. Speaking on the lyric writing on the title track, Wille said “With The Death We Seek we started with a little story and we’re going to try to keep that moving and keep that theme happening for a little while.” Check out all this and more in WSOU’s interview with Brian Wille from Currents!

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