Warped Tour Review

Date: July 28, 2015

By Trisha


Warped Tour this year was a crazy experience. First me and my Under the Stars homies went down to Camden for the first New Jersey date, and it was an amazing day. We were right on the water, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We got there pretty early, and we saw that there was already a huge line. Once we get inside we of course get the piece of paper that will dictate our entire day, the lineup sheet. So we check it out, and plan out our day, and of course some bands outweighed the others, but we wanted to see who we wanted to see. First up was Miss May I, we caught the end of their set, and it was insane. They have so much energy, and the crowd was so loud I couldn't even hear my own thoughts, and I loved every second of it. Be sure to check out their upcoming album "Deathless".  Once they were done we walked aimlessly around, seeing all the vendors, and band tents, so we had to stop and get our official Warped Tour t-shirts. Next up was Senses Fail, and who doesn't like hearing a 2004 post-hardcore emo band? Knowing that Buddy Neilson is the only founding member of the band, I honestly did not think their set would be as good as they actually were. But my oh my did they blow me away, Buddy sang, and exercised (literally), his little emo heart out. He put every ounce of energy into his performance, and everyone was losing their minds and voices. Go check out their new album "Pull the Thorns from Your Heart". Following Senses Fail, was Beartooh and if you've never listened to Under the Stars, then you do not know that this band is one of our favorites, and play them every chance we get. They have one EP "Sick" and one full length album "Disgusting", and if you any feelings in you, then you will understand where their singer Caleb Shomo is coming from. One thing that happened before their set was they teamed up with an organization that is against teen suicide, and they had a representative come out and talk to the crowd;and I was so happy they did, Beartooth gave up their time on stage to make sure their fans know they are not alone. Other than the fact that they truly care about the wellbeing of their fans, they put on a mind blowing performance, I cannot put into words how truly amazing it was. And last but most certainly not least, we saw This Wild Life, the best acoustic band ever to grace any Warped Tour stage. They were a great wind down from the craziness that comes with Warped Tour. They are so passionate about what they do, and how they do it, you can just tell that they love every second they are on that stage. Be sure to pick up the extended version of their album "Clouded", "Clouded: Atmosphere Edition" with 3 new tracks that were produced by none other than Jeremy McKinnon lead singer of A Day To Remember. 

Now I was lucky enough to go to both New Jersey dates. There were a couple of differences, first of all, the PNC Arts Center, was so hot, I thought my skin was melting off my skull. But besides the near death experience I had, I stayed hydrated, and in the shade for most of the day, unless there was a band that I needed to see, and one of those bands was Moose Blood. I did not see the whole band together, I only saw them in the Acoustic Basement, which is where they get different bands to play in a small tent acoustically, it's up close and personal and very intimate. Now Moose Blood is a band that's from England, and when he was singing, people were singing along, and when the crowd would applaud him, he would tell us that he was nothing special to applaud over. It's always different to see an artist so vulnerable in front of a crowd, but he was very personal, and definitely a band I will be seeing again. Other than seeing Moose Blood, I sat in the amphitheater to cool off. And there was a voice in the back of my head that kept telling me to go see Beartooth again, and I'm very happy I did. To this crowd of people, it did not matter how hot it was, they were singing along with every bit of energy they had left, and I was one of them. Running through mosh pits, and sweating like it was going out of style was how the day was ended, and like always, I was a happy concert goer. 

Warped Tour. Warped Tour is a great place to meet new people, see new bands, and over all have a great time listening to the music you love. Warped Tour is about being you, and enjoying what you love the most: the music.

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