UTS: This Wild Life Interview

Date: March 24, 2016

 Under the Stars interviewed Kevin and Anthony of This Wild Life! Katie, Trisha, and Sean ask them about touring, songwriting, and more!

On playing different size venues:
"I would rather play for one hundred people in a hundred cap room than five hundred people in a thousand cap room. So I think there's always a better energy, a better vibe to a room when it's full, but even full shows can be awkward, especially as a support band where you're playing for a new audience... it's kind of your time to win them over, it's just different. I think my favorite shows are when we headline shows and play shows where people sing along..."

On the writing process:
"...Probably the majority of the songs, will start with Ant writing like a riff on guitar... Typically if I hear something he sends me, if it jumps out at me, I hear a vocal, I hear it. That's a song for sure. If it doesn't, those are the hard ones... You need to write around your singer, I feel... I don't write lyrics for melodies, so if it doesn't jump out to Kev, what I'll usually do, if I really like it, is I'll accept it and rework it a bunch."

WSOU would like to thank This Wild Life for taking the time for this interview. You can listen to them and other great bands on Under the Stars, Tuesday Nights from 10 p.m. until midnight!

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