Album Review: This Is Not For Children

Date: June 16, 2015

By Skooter

In my opinion, at least, Mischief Brew has never come out with an album that wasn't completely fantastic, and that doesn't change with their new album, This Is Not For Children. What does change is their use of noise. With most of Mischief Brews albums, with banging and clicking sounds are a huge component of the music. This Is Not For Children sounds a lot clearer and clearer than their previous work, but it still maintains that enthralling folk-punk, anarcho vibe.

They're lyric styling hasn't really changed at all, which is probably another reason people are reacting so well to the new sound instead of mourning the loss of noise that people who like folk-punk usually hold so dear. The third track, "Lancaster Avenue Blues," keeps that "My friends are weird and I was 'raised by wolves'" element. I feel like these lyrics are very descriptive of most of their lyrics, encompassing them in one song.

So, to sum it all up, the sound changed, but Mischief Brew didn't, which is great because if they had, their fans would have missed them. It sounds like they aren't ever going to lose their way of thinking and writing. Usually, when there is any type of change to a band's sound, critics and fans react very poorly to it, but everybody really seems to be loving this album and this, and obviously, I can't blame them. Wonderful as usual, Mischief Brew.

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