The Movielife Interview

Date: June 9, 2015

 We have an exclusive interview With Vinnie the singer of The Movielife. Listen in as Katie interviews him about Reforming as a band, re releasing their first album for charity, and more!

On reforming as a band

We were a band a long time ago and we reformed recently ... We just been having a good time playing shows for now, you know that’s probably a question that we will ask towards the end of this year to see where at and to see what everyone wants to do. But as of now it’s a fun little run trying to run around the world doing fun stuff, and people have been really awesome at shows and the shows are coming out and were pleased to have this many people come around.

On rereleasing vinyl of their first album.

"Fadeaway records, who are good friends of ours, they put out our first record. And in the past few years, Mike Duban, who runs the label has decided to make the label; to resurrect the label to make it a nonprofit. To put out records and give the proceeds to charity. He lost his father to cancer and that’s been the charity that we have been concentrating on. So it’s a pretty righteous thing you know, when he came and said " hey I’ve been thinking about rereleasing the record on vinyl, it never came out on vinyl in the olden days, you know there wasn't much emphasis on vinyl back then. To come out and do it and have so many people get excited about it because of how popular vinyl is now, and it benefits a really good charity and it’s something that we can all feel good about participating.

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