"Something Real" by Fedde Le Grand

Date: March 20, 2016

by Veiga

Dutch EDM veteran Fedde Le Grand is really taking advantage of the phrase “spring ahead” with his latest release. Unveiled just weeks before Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the annual mecca of all electronic music, his fourth album serves as the necessary warm up for all your spring break needs. The first four tracks serve as the quintessential soundtrack of a week of pool parties and DJ gigs in the heart of Downtown Miami.

The center of the album is book-ended by two chilling features by rising dance vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn. On “Lost”, Fedde proves that less is more, allowing the vocals to shine. “Miracle” is more production heavy, but the vocals are really what make the song. These two need to work together more as they have some of the best producer-vocalist chemistry in the genre. “Immortal” featuring Erene sounds like Lady Gaga meets Ace of Base meets mid-10s EDM, ensuring this will be a summer staple for him. He also includes a remake of 90s dance hit “Rhythm of the Night” by Corona, but that song has been reworked too many times in the past five years for me to really judge it objectively.

The remainder of the album is mostly club-oriented. “Keep On Believing”, a vocal version of his original track “Don’t Give Up” is an absolute highlight of the album and is one of my favorite new tracks on Electrified so far this year. “Cinematic” is designed for opening or closing a festival set with its uplifting verses and euphoric refrain. ‘Something Real’ ironically closes out on a song titled “The Noise”, a radio-friendly progressive house track that does more for Fedde commercially than it does artistically. Considering the diversity of the album, I don’t know whether the irony was intended. Not everyone thinks this style is “real” in terms of musical preference, but for millions of devoted fans out there, it sure is the real thing.

If you’re planning a vacation or long road trip with friends over the spring or summer, it is an easy bet Fedde would want you to take this one with you for the ride. He is the producer behind the club hit “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”. He has always been about in your face tunes that make you want to have a good time. The album isn’t really meant to follow a Disclosure record, and it wouldn’t be Fedde if he were trying to be someone else. This solid collection of records is great for getting ready to go out and designed for repeat listening.

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