Out of Babylon Band of the Week: Clear Convictions

Date: February 16, 2016

By Nick

Since 1999, a small band by the name of Clear Convictions has been playing brutal Christian hardcore. The band's first release came four years after their formation, in the form of a self-titled demo that was distributed by the well-known Christian heavy music label Facedown Records, after years of grinding in the scene in Puerto Rico. Their first tour of the US did not occur until 2004, after getting a deal with Strike First Records, who would release their first full length album Warning in 2006. Previously, the band spent their time touring continuously in Puerto Rico and then Costa Rica before breaking into the US and finally moving to the states. They permanently moved to Orlando, Florida in 2012. The push to the states was further solidified when the band released their second album Mystery of Iniquity in 2008, in a deal with On the Attack Records and an appearance on the well-known Christian music festival Cornerstone, in 2011. The band’s current lineup was finalized with the move and they have since released their third album, A Past That Attempts to Define Me… in 2013 and their most recent New Seasons EP in 2015 while being unsigned.

The name "Clear Convictions" is said to be based on their belief in God and that he has power and is evident in our lives. The band hits hard with brutal slam breakdowns, gang vocals, and their strong message. The band takes great pride in staying true to their message of spreading the word of God and it is evident in their lyrics. A perfect example is their song Warning, “I'm telling you the truth/ his mercy set me free/ he wants the same for you.” The band does not stray away from speaking out in their songs about things they feel are necessary to express to their listeners. They have a song on their New Seasons EP entitled Media’s Exposed Deceit. Also a unique feature that separates CC from other Christian hardcore bands is that one of the member’s name is Jesus Tossas. Not many Christian bands can say they have Jesus in their band!

The band has spent over 17 years sharing their message through their brutal hardcore and neither their message nor sound have changed since the beginning. They continue to put out music on their own and playing small tours. 

Find out more about the band on their Facebook Page!

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