WSOU's Pirate Primetime Welcomes Sterling Gibbs

Date: January 11, 2015

Jan. 14, 2014

Seton Hall junior guard Sterling Gibbs continued to write the remarkable storybook script to the 2014-15 season with a game-winning three-pointer on Saturday to lift the Pirates over Creighton, 68-67.

For Gibbs, it was just the latest of many heroic plays that the CBS Sports National Player of the Week has continued to give the Pirates throughout the season, which has SHU ranked No. 19 and at 13-3.

Gibbs joined the Pirate Primetime guys in studio on Sunday to talk about the season thus far and his play. Sports Director Clayton Collier, Brendan Borthwick, and John Pirsos had the interview.

Collier: "Being able to hit that big shot, you have had that happen in your career, what did that mean for The Hall to be able to get that road win?"

Gibbs: "Saturday's win meant a lot. That was one of the toughest road trips thus far this season. To have to go from Xavier to Creighton and to be able to get that win at Creighton meant a lot."

Collier: "Coming off that loss at Xavier, what was the team's mentality?"

Gibbs: "We were ok mentally. We knew Xavier was a great team. We went to Creighton with a new mindset, with a new mentality."

Collier: "What's it like to have such a strong fan base this season?"

Gibbs: "That has meant a lot. You could say that in the past we may not have had the same crowds. But this year, it's been great to get our fans out to games. It's a lot different on the road when the other team is against you when we go on the road. Fans make a difference."

Collier: "Your three-point shot has really gotten to a different level. What have you done to get your shot going?"

Gibbs: "I try to work on it a lot. Last season, I did not have as much confidence in my shot. This past summer, I was able to put up a lot of shots with my coaches, my dad, and my brother. That really helped me to add a new dimension to my game."

Collier: "With this freshman class coming in and Isaiah Whitehead being out, the pressure had to rise for you. Did that change how you played the game."

Gibbs: "Honestly, I try to give my everything in every game. It did not change a lot. With Isaiah, it makes our offense so much more tough to defend. Teams can't focus on one person. I know that I have had to carry more of the load and I've tried to lead the guys in any way that I can."

Collier: "In talking about leadership, in leading this freshman class, it seems as if you have stepped up the leadership role with Brandon Mobley. Was there a moment where you realized that you had to step up the leadership role?

Gibbs: "Right at the beginning of the season, Coach Willard called Brandon, Jaren, and me in to a meeting and told us that we needed to step up as leaders and show the younger guys what the Big East is all about. The Big East is a lot different. There are no days off. Just to get these guys mentally prepared, and to challenge them in practice, that's what we needed to do."

Collier: "Khadeen Carrington has also really stepped up when Isaiah went down. What have you seen out of him?"

Gibbs: "When Isaiah went out, it gave way for someone else to step up. Khadeen and Desi Rodriguez have both stepped up. Khadeen has a knack for scoring and that has been great."

Pirsos: "Do you guys feel that you have more confidence after getting that first Big East road win?"

Gibbs: "Creighton was really a great atmosphere, and to be able to get that done in that atmosphere was really special for our confidence. Now, we get to come home and to have the support in our building, the Prudential Center, it has really helped me out a lot."

Borthwick: "Sterling, what was going through your head on Saturday?"

Gibbs: "My mindset was to end the game. I told Coach Willard that I had a three in me. When I saw that I got a little bit open, off the hand-off from Brandon (Mobley), that's when I took that shot. Really, down the stretch, I want to make a play. I know the younger guys are looking for me to do that."

Borthwick: "What's the hardest place to play in the Big East?"

Gibbs: "It's a three-way tie between Villanova's gym on campus (The Pavilion), at Xavier, and at Creighton."

Collier: "Arguably the toughest stretch of the season will be when you go to Villanova, then to Providence, and ending at St. John's. Do you feel that there is an expectation level on the road in order to do something in March?"

Gibbs: "We are a tough group. We have to be able to listen to the coaches. If we follow the coaches, then results will come. We know we have to get some road wins."

Collier: "How much are you looking forward to being able to have students back on campus to cheer you on?"

Gibbs: "I can't wait. To be able to bring this kind of play back to New Jersey has been great, and to have our students and fans supporting us, they are a key for us to do well."

Gibbs and the Pirates return to action on Tuesday at 7 p.m. against Butler inside the Prudential Center. Coverage on 89.5 WSOU and begins at 6:45 p.m.


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