Killswitch Engage Interview

Date: August 9, 2015

Mike interviewed Mike D of Killswitch Engage on touring, new music and their hardcore influences

On their tour with Rise Against and Letlive

"Its been awesome! We toured with Rise Against, we did a Taste of Chaos Worldwide version 10 years ago with those guys and The Used and a bunch of other bands. They were the nicest guys ever. We hung out with them a lot We got to go to zoos in Australia, and we went to vegetarian restaurants in japan, all sorts of fun stuff. were so glad to tour with them again. Letlive is amazing dudes too.Were doing a second leg with Rise Against and Letlive in the fall."

"On Strength of the Mind" and the writing process of new songs.

"We have a lot of songs completed instrumentally for the new record. Jesse was only able to complete 5 of them, Strength of the mind is one of them, the one we could play the best live and so we started playing that one. We want to get people excited for the new record and this is the best way for it. We've been doing Loyalty as well from the Game of Thrones sound track. Jesse has been having a bit of vocal trouble lately so he doesn't know if he can pull off all the notes so were laying off of it tonight, but normally its a fun one to play."

"Strength of the mind is super fun. every one in Killswitch writes. Strength the mind was written by Adam and the lyrics were written by Jesse."

Hardcore's influence on Killswitch's music

"90 % of Killswitch is hardcore kids who went in to metal instead, Lou From Sick of it all is a hero to everyone in the band, we've toured with them a few time and they are some of the nicest dudes... Hardcore is a huge influence and its what I listen to for influence Bad Brains, Leeway and Agnostic Front."

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