How To Survive Warped Tour 101

Date: June 30, 2015

By Katelyn Fatzler


July is quickly approaching and that means music festivals are sure to follow. Spending all day in the sun, stuck between barricade and the push of hundreds of fans can end badly, but worry not! The shared experiences of the hosts of Under the Stars Trisha, Katie, and Sean are here to help.

#1 Sealed Water Bottle (Pre-hydrate!!!)

This cannot be stressed enough. A typical day at Warped Tour means that you are going to be outside all day in 80 degree weather or worse. The day before you attend the festival it essential to drink plenty of water since you are anticipating the heat… and with that SWEAT. If you drink enough water the day before, there are less chances of becoming dehydrated while you wait in a midst of a large crowd. The last thing you want is to pass out during your favorite band!

Warped Tour will permit you to bring in one sealed bottle of water that you can refill for free at their Cool Gear Hydration Stations. Yes, there will be a line, but if you are trying to save money, then this is the way to go.

#2 Sunscreen

Put it on before you get in the car so it has the time to take effect and protect your skin. Reapply throughout the day because you will definitely be sweating it off. Do not forget to bring the bottle with you!

#3 Earplugs

Earplugs are small and all you have to do is squish them and put them in your ears. Tah dah! You don't have to think about them anymore. Wearing earplugs to festivals, especially for those of you who like to be up-close and personal with the band, is a major essential.Do the right thing and save those eardrums.

#4 Sneakers

This one seems like a no-brainer, but for some reason people still wear flip flops and sandals to Warped Tour. At the end of a set, when the crowd clears, there will be lost flip flops stomped into the ground. Be kind to your feet and wear supportive, comfortable sneakers while you walk from stage to stage. You'll be grateful at the end of the day.

#5 Hand Sanitizer / Baby Wipes / Tissues

Porta-potties. 'nuff said.

#6 Sunglasses

Sure, you might win a pair as a prize from some random merch table, but it would probably be better to just wear a pair. Also, if you lose the ones you're wearing- you have a backup!

#7 Snacks

Bring something filling that will give you energy to set your pace for the day. Granola bars and trail mix are great options. They are easy to carry and will, at the very least, lessen your spending on food.

#8Fully Charged Cellphone / Power bank

Having your cell phone on hand is essential at festivals. It acts as your means of contacting your friends, keeping track of show times, meet and greets, and taking photos. Charge it in the car on the way to the venue and also pack a fully charged power bank as a backup in case your phone battery starts getting low. Also, helpful hint: keep your phone in a sealed plastic bag to keep it dry. Just in case.

#9 Cash

Most of the merch tables take cash only and you don't want to find yourself paying ATM fees. Budget yourself so you have emergency/food/water money left at the end of the day. There are also A LOT of freebies at Warped so take advantage of stopping by a bunch of tables. It may take a little small talk, a quick Facebook like, or playing a game, but at least you'll come home with souvenirs without spending on them.

#10 Drawstring bag/backpack

What good is having all this stuff to save the day if you have nowhere to put it? That's where the good ol' drawstring bag comes into play. The genius in using this type of bag is that it stays closed while you wear it on your back, so no one can steal your wallet or any other valuables. It's the perfect place to keep the merch you purchase throughout the day because it keeps your hands free to clap during your favorite song and high five random people with cardboard signs.

In fact, check out our new WSOU drawstring bag! The perfect way to survive the heat and display your love for your favorite radio station. \m/

Lastly, make a list ahead of time of what bands you want to see because sometimes they might be playing at the same time. It happens, so be prepared to make difficult decisions.

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