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Date: October 9, 2016

I push through the congestion that is New York Penn Station at 7 p.m. on a Friday after a full length day at New York Comic Con. I sit down on the train, put my headphones in blasting "In Keeping Secrets", and then begin to read In Keeping Secrets.

Yesterday I purchased the ultimate edition of In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3, the second installment of Claudio Sanchez's The Amory Wars. For those who don't know, the first 7 albums of Claudio Sanchez's band Coheed and Cambria follow the concept of his comic books titled as The Amory Wars. Each album is written in reflection of one arc of the comic.

I have wanted to buy Sanchez's comics for awhile now, but there is a few complications of what is or is not in print. Unfortunately, the first installment of The Amory Wars, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, is currently out of print. However, I made the decision that I will read In Keeping Secrets first since I really want to start reading them and have a better understanding of the songs that I love.

So far, In Keeping Secrets proves to be an awesome read, beyond that of my Coheed and Cambria obsession. First off, the comic starts with a lot of background explanation on the more complicated concepts of The Amory Wars' world. This is a big help considering I haven't read Second Stage Turbine besides explanations I have looked up on the songs.

It is also amazing to be able to read Sanchez's writing voice as he is a large inspiration for my own writing. Especially after the interview I had with Sanchez back in July, reading the comic really allows me to see the inner workings of one of my biggest influences. So if you are a huge Claudio Sanchez fan, reading the comics is a must.

Although the best part by far is being able to read the comic along side listening to the songs. Reading the comic itself gives a better understanding on song meanings that an online search just does not do justice for.

Bottom line, if you are a Coheed and Cambria fan reading the comics definitely adds a whole new understanding for the band and Sanchez himself. Even if you're not a fan of the music, the comic is still an awesome read. Sanchez is a brilliant writer and the artwork is epic.

Also do not forget to catch WSOU Presents Coheed and Cambria at Starland Ballroom this upcoming Saturday the 15th! The show is sold out but WSOU will still be giving away tickets on-air over the week.

Now back to my comic book.

Catch DJ Mothra's interview with Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria here:

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