Gatherers Interview

Date: August 1, 2015

Adam Bomb got the chance to interview Gatherers on there new album, "Quiet World" as well as the bands Influences, history and more.

   How Gatherers started as a band 

  "We've been a band for 4 years, we were all going to go our separate ways like do our own things in life and I was going to go away to the military, and so we started the band to play a show together for fun as friends, and stuff happened and I never left and we remained a band and everybody made it a priority to make music with one another..."       

  "We started 4 years back and we added Ritchie to the band last year,   Christian was the prior vocalist ... stylistic Rich's approach of things musically and dynamically different from how Christian, its given us a   new mindset to approach our new music with."     

On the bands influences    

  "When we started the band it was along the lines (of la dispute and Touché Amore) but I feel like we found different tastes in music over time, over the last 4 years. Between Matt and my self at least are in to Interpol and Radiohead... we all come from different backgrounds like GG's on the punk side of things, Matt and I are on the Indie side of things, Adam is on the hardcore side of things and we all come from different aspects of the different music genres we're into"        

 Talking about their new album "Quiet World"      

"Its definitely different from what people our used to hearing with Caught Between and Postcards our ep before that we kind of found our own with what we wanted to do like the kind of style that we are going for like its kinda hard to put in to words, like we just felt it at the end of this record, like yea we wrote something that mattered for us, I would say caught between was just a bunch of songs that we wrote and put in to record "Quiet World" is a lot more cohesive front to back"  

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