Coheed Takes Listeners to the Stars With their New Single “Here to Mars”

Date: September 7, 2015

By Molly

Get ready to ship up to space, because Coheed and Cambria’s latest single release “Here to Mars” transports listeners to another world all together. The band’s upcoming album “The Color Before the Sun” takes on a new realm, breaking away from their usual musical concept that follows the plot of front man Claudio Sanchez’s comic book series The Amory Wars. After the release of the acoustic track “Atlas” a year ago following the birth of Sanchez’s son, and with the current release of “Here to Mars” Coheed fans really begin to reach into Sanchez’s life.

Not only does the recent single have an amazing composition stylistically similar to the band’s first album, The Second Stage Turbine Blade, but the lyrics reflect a heart tearing battle every listener can relate to. “Here to Mars” connects listener’s minds to Sanchez’s, yet beautifully allows us to delve into our own realities.

Coheed’s other recent single “You’ve Got Spirit Kid” also gives fans something to look forward to in the new album. At first listen, the track seems a bit “poppy” for Coheed and Cambria. However, following the release of the music video for the track and an interview with Sanchez on Rolling Stone it is clear that the song was more of an artistic project rather than a new sound. As Sanchez reveals to Rolling Stone, he was going for a concept that reflected 80’s teen movies. In fact, the music video has the plot of a “nerd beats jocks” type of movie common for that time.

Coheed’s album release on October 16 is definitely something fans should keep in their calendars. From what these tracks tell us it will be an unbelievable album and a new horizon for the band. So put on your astronaut boots, because this will be a ride you shouldn’t miss.

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