Chris Schweitzer's week 13 power five

Date: December 6, 2018

By Christopher Schweitzer


The week started off with a shocking upset with the Cowboys defeating the Saints, followed by the league having to deal with the disturbing Kareem Hunt situation. It was a wild weekend for sure in the NFL but it was capped off with a great Sunday night football matchup, and a tough NFC East matchup on Monday night.


1. Los Angeles Rams – The Los Angeles Rams regained the top spot of the power rankings this week after they defeated to Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon and improved to 11-1 on the season. Jared Goff wasn’t at his best on the day, only completing about half of his passes for 207 yards and one touchdown. Todd Gurley was incredible however with 132 yards and two touchdowns. The Rams regained control of the NFC, and the NFL.


2. New Orleans Saints – The New Orleans Saints were defeated by the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night by a score 13-10. The Saints are still 10-2 on the season, but have lost control over the NFC with the Rams winning on Sunday. The Saints offense was shut down on Thursday as the Cowboys kept New Orleans to only 176 yards of offense. New Orleans was dominated in every aspect of the game, but they still only lost by three points and they had to play in a hostile environment in Dallas. The Saints are still in a great spot but need some help if they want home field advantage in the playoffs.


3. Kansas City Chiefs – The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon by the score of 40-33. The Chiefs made the right move in releasing Hunt, but will surely see a drop in production with Spencer Ware taking his place. The Chiefs defense also needs to step up if they want to go anywhere in the playoffs, because giving up 33 points to the Raiders is not a good sign. They still came away with the victory however and improve to 10-2 on the season.

4. Los Angeles Chargers – The Los Angeles Chargers traveled to Pittsburgh on Sunday night and defeated the Steelers 33-30. The most surprising part was that the Chargers won the game on a last second field goal, which they’ve had trouble with in the past. In Melvin Gordon’s absence the Chargers relied heavily on the pass game and especially Keenan Allen. Allen shined with 14 catches for 148 yards and one touchdown. Gordon should be back soon, and the Chargers should continue to keep pace with the Chiefs in the AFC West.


5. New England Patriots – The New England Patriots returned to the top five after a 24-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. The Patriots defense was incredibly impressive as they held Minnesota to 278 yards of total offense. They also forced two interceptions of Kirk Cousins. The run game of New England struggled, but Tom Brady had the pass game working well, and the Patriots are playing really good heading into the playoffs.


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