Meet the News Team

Bob Towey Bob Towey - News Director
Livingston, NJ
Major: Journalism and Finance
About: From a young age, I knew I wanted to work in broadcast journalism, but I never had the opportunity to gain experience on air until I reached college. I grew my passion for reporting by covering high school sports for my local paper through high school, but working my way up through WSOU has given me an unparalleled chance to further my interests in both news and sports broadcasting. Now, I give a weekly newscast; anchor and produce WSOU’s weekly news show, Pirate News Desk; offer play-by-play and color commentary for all Seton Hall sports; act as a host and panelist for WSOU’s weekend sports talk shows; and travel to attend events and conduct interviews as a member of the press. Working with Seton Hall’s Pirate TV and Pirate Sports Network has also given me a chance to call games and anchor broadcasts from in front of the camera. Outside of broadcasting, I am an avid fan of the New Jersey Devils, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Broncos, and New York Yankees. I enjoy fishing, hiking, photography, and kayaking, and I avidly follow political, business, and sports news.
Ideal career after college: After college, I want to work in broadcast journalism on television or radio. I would love to find a career as a news anchor, or as a play-by-play commentator for hockey, football, basketball, or baseball.
Faith Kessler

Faith Kessler - Assistant News Director
Annandale, VA
Major: Communications
About: I joined WSOU just out of interest in DJing, but after a semester of newscasting, I found that I really enjoy the news aspect of radio. My favorite topics to report on are local stories and technology news.
Ideal Career after college: Communications position in the music industry.

Wilnir Louis Wilnir Louis - Assistant News Director
Linden, NJ
Major: Sports management and Marketing
About: I grew up with my father always listening to 1010 WINS for traffic and news reports. I joined WSOU for mostly sports broadcasting. However, as I dove more into WSOU and started to dabble in everything that they have to offer, news casting became one of the main things that I enjoy doing for the station.
Ideal career after college: After college, I would liek to stay somewhere in the sports industry. Nevertheless, I am open to many options. 
Tim Bonomo

Tim Bonomo - Assistant News Director
Lyndhurst, NJ
Major: MBA in Finance and Marketing
About: I love radio, business, sports (go Tennessee Titans!) and I am a huge nerd for Pok&#é;mon-Yu-Oh cards!
Ideal career after college: Being on-air in NYC!

Kali Diamond

Kali Diamond
Hometown: Gi, NJ
Major: Visual and Sound Media Production
About: I never envisioned myself working at a metal station, but stumbling upon WSOU was definitely one of the best things to happen to me in college! This station has helped me branch out, gain new experiences, and ignite my interest in radio. Some of my favorite things are dogs, The Office, and writing television scripts!
Ideal Career after college: Having a Maywood in a TV Writer's room!

James Justice James Justice
Hometown: Caldwell, NJ
Major: Visual and Sound Media, Journalism
About: I have always had a passion for sports, and that interest drove me to journalism. That being said, I rarely sit down and watch a whole game, aside form when I'm covering one, which is often. When I am not on air, I'm most likely either working on an article, listening to music and/or working out.
Ideal Career after college: I have spent so much of my time at Seton Hall devoted to telling the stories of athletes and other important figures, and I would love to carry that out after college. My interest is in long-form features, which afford the breathing space to articulate the details of the many great stories that are to tell. My hope is that my hard work at Seton Hall results in a job opportunity at a magazine or online outlet, where I can be paid to do what I love. 
Tristan Miller

Tristan Miller
Pittsburgh, PA
Major: History, Art, Philosophy
About: I like music and skating. I also like to travel and be at the beach.
Ideal career after college: Music Industry/journalism

Nick Polis

Nick Polis
Shrewsbury, NJ
Major: Secondary Education, Music Education
About: I am a musician and am in the Polis Pep band. I'll listen to anything from SHU to Chelsea Grin. I love the weird news that comes out of New York and New Jersey
Ideal career after college: Music teacher

Kat Rossi Kat Rossi
Utica, NY
Major: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology
About: I am a cynic who enjoys tea as bitter as my heart and likes to spend my free time staring out of windows like a cartoon villain. Though some may not consider staring out of windows particularly exciting. I try to enhance my personality by watching hit comedies on Rossi such as the 2017 Death Note film, Wentworth, and Neo Netflix.
Ideal career after college: After I graduate I hope to go to Korea and teach English to children. When I move back to the U.S. I hope to own a small, family-run teahouse.
Chris Russo Chris Russo
Visual and Sound Media/ Pre- Law
About: I have been interested in broadcasting since at least the fifth grade. I was a PA announcer for about a half dozen of my high school teams. I have worked since my first year at WSOU as a DJ and sportscaster in addition to my Russo duties. I have co-written a weekly baseball article with Ed Lucas for the Jersey Journal since March 2018, and I have worked as an intern at newscasting Integrated Communications since May 2018.
OnDeck career after college: Play-by-play hockey announcer for MSG or NBC Sports.
Sabrina Saroza Sabrina Saroza
Visual and Sound Media with a concentration in TV production, Criminal Justice
About: I'm from Saroza, NJ and joined WSOU with the hopes of one day being on Under the Stars. However, I recently developed a love for Rahway after only a few shifts. I hope to one day publish my own book, produce my own television show, or both.
Ideal career after college: Producer at newscasting, Content Creator at Netflix.

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