Meet the News Team

 Giancarlo Carnevale Name: Giancarlo Carnevale, News Director
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
Major: Economics.
About Me: I'm News Director here at WSOU and a pretty avid Libertarian. I'm an economics major but I'm interested in all political issues. 
Why I'm Interested in News: I'd have to say, news is probably my favorite hobby. I find myself constantly reading listening and watching the news, and its one of those passions which is really driven from wanting to know everything I possibly can about the world.
Name: Megan Stolarz, Assistant News Director
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Major: Public Relations
About Me: I’m currently a junior and I minor in Broadcasting and Music Technology. I first started doing news the summer after my freshman year. I enjoy listening to music, going to shows, hiking, reading, playing with my cats, and, of course, being a newscaster.
Why I’m interested in news: As a public relations major, I have to keep up with current events and have an understanding of the journalistic world. I’m also a fan of punk music and am inspired by the often topical lyrics of the genre to keep up with what’s happening in the world.
Name: Andre Viola, Assistant News Director
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Major: Communication and Radio Broadcasting
About Me: Just a wrestling loving, car obsessive, talkative guy who lives for humor. I cannot imagine a day without laughter.
Why I'm Interested in News: Newscasting for WSOU is the reason why I joined this station. Being able to find the craziest and impacting news out there and pass it on to the thousands is what keeps me going. I love making the news somehow entertaining so that I can make someone out there chuckle or laugh.
Name: Erika Szumel
Hometown: Toms River, NJ
Major: Broadcasting.
About Me: I am a person who likes to laugh and lay on the beach until the sun goes down. I enjoy spending my time with friends, doing yoga, or listening to the oldies.
Why I'm Interested in News: I want to produce television one day but I love trying new things and expanding my horizons. It would be my dream to work on The Tonight Show.
I am interested in news because it is important to be aware of what is going on around me, but also because it is important for radio and television to help get the news out to the public.
Name: Alicia Campos
Hometown: Millington, NJ
Major: Computer Science
About Me: I like being able to have music in my daily life because it's one of my favorite things. Being with WSOU is one my favorite part of school. I like hanging out at the station, and going out to shows.
Why I'm Interested in News: I like staying current with events, being on air and having the hands on experience with broadcasting because it is relieving after a day of science and math classes. Also, it's the one time a week I actually check up on the weather!
Name: Sean Fitzpatrick
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Major: Communications / Radio Broadcasting  
About Me: When not at the WSOU, you can usually find me taking pictures. I really have a passion for photography and hope to make something out of it someday. If I'm not doing that then I'm usually spending my time with close friends, listening to music or taking my dog to the park.
Why I'm interested in News: Reporting the news at WSOU has been a unique experience. Its a great part about Radio, and I'm always glad to inform the East Coast on what they should know!
Name: Joseph McManaman
Hometown: Laurence Harbor, NJ
Major: Speech-Language Pathology/Special Education with a content focus on English.
About Me: When I am not at WSOU or slaving over school work (because, I mean, look at how long that major is, you just know there is a lot of work to do) I usually find myself doing one of my other two hobbies. The hobby would include MMA training as it has always been a passion of mine. I have been doing it for 15 years and have three black belts…so don’t mess with me. My other hobby would be reading comic books as I am obsessed with all things superhero-related.
Why I'm Interested in News: I choose to do news at WSOU because I know our world is a crazy place and I am always interested in hearing about what is happening, and then enjoy being able to inform our audience.
Name: Holly Fitzpatrick
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Major: Radio Programming & Production
About Me: A metal loving news junkie who enjoys reporting on the air.
Why I'm Interested in News: Reporting keeps me up to date, and I love being able report professionally.
Tim Bonomo
Name: Tim Bonomo
Hometown: Lyndhurst, NJ
Major: Management, Marketing, Broadcasting
About Me: I am a die-hard Tennessee Titans and New York Mets fan.  Poor me.....I know.  I joined WSOU going into my senior year and never understood what I was missing.  After falling in love with the news and sports broadcasting, I guess the classic saying of "better late than never" holds true.  As a business major who is now looking to add a broadcasting major because of WSOU, it's been nothing short of an amazing experience with incredible people leading the way.
Why I'm Interested in News: I love doing the news to stay on top of things and make sure I am up to date on current events.  I also like to inform others of any breaking stories that come through, along with helping with traffic, as that's the last thing people need on their way to work or commute home.
Name: Daniela Rios
Hometown: Queens, NY
Major: Broadcasting, TV Production
About Me: I'm an undiscovered author who has four books and five short stories up her sleeve and a huge passion for working in TV Production. My dream is to win an Oscar for best adapted screenplay, and from one of my books, no less.
Why I'm Interested in News: Not only is it great practice for journalism and writing in general, but I love politics and reporting on it widens my creativity to use it in novels. Staying in the loop with the happenings of the world is important to me and the fact that I get to be a part of the team that can share news with our listeners gives me joy every time I go on air.
John Peel
Name: John Peel
Hometown: Mount Laurel, NJ
Major: English/Political Science
About Me: I was born in the Philadelphia area and raised in South Jersey, with farms and Starbucks abound. I've come to Seton Hall and WSOU for some North Jersey cultural enrichment and the easy access to New York.
Why I'm Interested in News: I'm interested in news mainly from the political angle both domestically and abroad. I'm also interested in happenings in Science news, especially super cool things like invisibility cloaks (they have those now) and space exploration.

Name: Rachel Haggerty
Hometown: Iselin, NJ
Major: Broadcasting
About Me: I can usually be found playing my saxophone, watching Back to the Future, snowboarding, or playing soccer. I am in love with classic rock music and enjoy high quality cinema.
Why I'm Interested in News: A teacher of mine in high school got me interested in doing morning announcements and I loved it. When I found out that the radio station I was already interested in also had a news department, the idea excited me even more, so here I am!
Name: Michael Lovero
Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ
Major: Sports Management
About Me: Being from Northern New Jersey near the City, I consider myself a city guy from an all Italian family. I am a big sports fan, music fan, and a follower of current events over the world. I like to have conversations and friendly debates with people and can probably beat anyone in FIFA.
Why I'm Interested in News: Because news is relevant for everyone and there is a variety of news . People lie if they say they don't care about the news because important news varies for everyone, which keeps it relevant.
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