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Alicia Campos DJ Name: Freak on Alicia - Station Manager
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five bands: The Wonder Years, City & Colour, A Day To Remember, This Wild Life, Seaway
Hobbies: Guitar, Tumblr, writing senseless thoughts in a journal, and dancing like a crazy person whenever music is on.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Interviewing Matty Mullins and Fallujah at New England Metal Fest during my first year here, and hanging out with fellow staff members on the train into the city for present shows!
About Me: I came to Seton Hall to study computer science and I didn't know about the station. I then find out there was a place where my music- obsessed little heart could soar, and I completely fell in love with WSOU. It has already given me a lot of experiences and many great new friends. It has also molded my music tastes from switching my playlists from only Mumford & Sons and The Wonder Years to include Between the Buried and Me, as well as Beartooth. I have found my cozy little corner at the station and they even let me emo out as a co-host on Under the Stars on Tuesdays from 10 - 12 PM!!
Rachel Haggerty

DJ Name: Rain - Technical Operations Director
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: Bruce Springsteen, Life of Agony, Dream Theater, Beartooth, Rage Against the Machine
Hobbies: Playing saxophone, playing soccer, going to concerts.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to the NJ HOF induction ceremony red carpet with alum Glenn Shuck and the WSOU News department. I never thought I would be in the presence of the Four Seasons and Buzz Aldrin. I even got to interview Steven Van Zandt and seehim perform with Bruce Springsteen at the event itself!
About Me: I'm a kid at heart stuck in the 70s. I entered college as a physics and biomedical engineering major but quickly learned my true passion was broadcasting and radio. I joined the station and I'm glad I did because I've gotten to be a part of so many experiences that I am so grateful for. You can catch me talking about the past on "For the Record" Monday nights 10PM-12AM or with Jessie and Chewie on the "SOU Review" Friday nights 10PM-12AM. 

Doug DJ Name: The Hurricane
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: Gojira, Tengger Cavalry, Brand New, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, running, hiking, video games, and juggling devil sticks.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Right after joining WSOU, I was shocked by how friendly, down to earth, and utterly unique every person at the station was. Meeting all these people was amazing, but my favorite memory has to be when I nervously took the chair for my first overnight DJ shift and ended up walking away three hours later with a ridiculous sense of pride and enjoyment.
About Me: I’m a rotating low-pressure tropical cyclone who’s got surface wind speeds exceeding 74 miles per hour and a half-finished degree in TV Broadcasting. I initially came to Seton Hall for its excellent TV program, and ended up joining WSOU completely on a random whim. Needless to say, it was one of the best whims I’ve ever followed because WSOU has introduced me to countless amazing people and helped improve my public speaking confidence tremendously. Metal was only an occasional interest for me growing up, but after being introduced to dozens of sub-genres and hundreds of bands, I can’t stop listening and discovering fascinating new sounds.
Mike Reinhart DJ Name: The Rhino
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Bands: Kylesa, Khemmis, Between the Buried and Me, Cult of Luna, Seven Kingdoms
Hobbies: Producing chiptune music on Gameboys, drawing, writing stories, collecting hats, and collecting and raising succulent plants.
Favorite WSOU Experience: When I was an assistant producer, I sat in on an interview with Thank You Scientist and watched them play an acoustic set live on air. It was awesome!
About Me: I am a visual and sound media major, as well as a Technical Operations Assistant Manager at WSOU. I also host Blurred Visions every Friday night from 8-10, which is WSOU's doom/sludge/experimental metal specialty show.
Erin Kelly1 DJ Name: Dropkick Kelly
Home State: Pennsylvania 
Favorite Bands: Dropkick Murphys, Clutch, We The Kings, Judas Priest, A Day To Remember
Hobbies: Watching Yankee games (or baseball in general), hanging out with friends, listening to music, watching YouTube, and spending time at WSOU!
Favorite WSOU Experience: Spending Mondays nights with Grant, Worldwide, and Magic Mike for Cover Up and hanging out at the station for a unhealthy amount of time.
About Me: I'm a communication major here at Seton Hall and have been on staff since the spring of my freshman year in 2016. Currently I am a sportscaster, newscaster, and DJ. I originally just wanted to do sports here, but then I became a newscaster and fell in love with that. The more time I spent here at SOU, the more I grew to love the station and the music that we play. I never thought I'd be a DJ but here I am on this page so...But in all honesty WSOU is the most rewarding experience I'll ever have at Seton Hall. It's truly my home away form home. Besides working at the station, I'm also a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service frat, along with being a member of the Student Alumni Association.
Jocelyn Rogalo DJ Name: Rogalileo
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: A Day to Remember, Radiohead, Dropkick Murphys, The Bird and the Bee, and Queens of the Stone Age
Hobbies: Hiking, theatre, going on crazy adventures, and taking pictures of literally everything.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Getting to be apart of an awesome staff and join something completely out of my comfort zone that I can’t imagine my life without. On top of that I’ve been able to learn so much and interview some pretty awesome people.
About Me: If you told younger me that I’d be apart of WSOU, I never would have believed you. Upon arriving at Seton Hall, I took a leap of faith, decided I wanted to branch out, and joined the station, which I knew absolutely nothing about. Now I’m a DJ, and WSOU has been a cornerstone of my college life. I’m a TV Broadcasting major who also minors in Catholic Studies, through which I’ve been able to travel around the world with Seton Hall, my favorite place being New Zealand.
Kelsey DJ Name: Kelsey
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: Grateful Dead, Phish, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, and Deftones
Hobbies: Listening to music, hiking
Favorite WSOU Experience: Meeting friends that all share the same passions and interests that I do, meeting bands and listeners, and I love DJing every week.
About Me: I have friend who goes to Seton Hall and works at WSOU and he encouraged me to come to Seton Hall to join, so I did and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was not familiar with the metal genre before coming to WSOU and working here has introduced me to so many new bands that I love and that I never would have thought about listening to.
Jess Krentz DJ Name: Jessie
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: Beartooth, Sabaton, Ice Nine Kills, Alestorm, and Motionless in White
Hobbies: Horses, Djing
Favorite WSOU Experience: Meeting so many new friends and getting the opportunity to interview a bunch of bands and going to our present shows
About Me: I’m an Occupational Therapy major with a minor in psychology, and hope to one day do Hippotherapy with my OT degree. A friend I knew from high school used to work at the station when he was here so he told everyone I was going to join when I was a freshman even though I never agreed to it, but I decided to anyway and have fallen in love with it ever since. I currently host Storming the Ramparts from 10pm-12am on Thursdays and co-host ‘SOU Review on Fridays from 10pm-12am with Djs Rain and Chewie!
Jimmy Krause

DJ Name: Sauerkrause
Home State: New York
Five Favorite Bands: System of a Down, Seven Kingdoms, NSP, CHVRCHES, Dynazty
Hobbies: Singing, going to shows, video games, eating Chipotle, theater
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to the WSOU Staff Formal that we hold every year and meeting most of my fellow staff members for the first time. If it weren't for that night, I likely would have never met some friends that are going to last a lifetime.
About Me:  When I visited Seton Hall for the first time, the thought of joining a heavy metal radio station never crossed my mind. However, when I went to WSOU for the first time, I knew that it was the place for me and was the deciding factor for me coming to Seton Hall. I am a Communication major and the Assistant Station Manager at WSOU. I first joined the staff of WSOU during the spring of 2017 and have never looked back since. I am currently the host of two specialty shows: Street Patrol (Wednesdays 8-10) which is our local metal show where we play unsigned and local bands and Campus Buzz (Sundays 8-10) which is our indie and alternative show. I also DJ and occasionally newscast. I am so glad that I joined the station because it has given me so many opportunities and friendships that I am never going to forget.

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