Meet the DJs

erica DJ Name: Erica
Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Deftones, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, System of a Down, and Mastodon
Favorite WSOU Experience: Introducing The Misfits on stage and being thanked by Jerry Only.
About Me: I am currently a daytime DJ.  My favorite genre of music is hard rock and alternative, and I cohost Streamlined on Monday nights from 8 to 10 pm.
WSOU Works:
Interview with Brann from Mastodon
Interview with the Deftones
Interview with Parkway Drive
molly  DJ Name: Mothra
Hometown: Union Beach, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Thank You Scientist, Coheed and Cambria, YOB, Baroness, and Alkaline Trio.
Hobbies: Singing, Guitar, Reading, Sims, Reddit
Favorite WSOU Experience: The First time I DJ'd, when I was given the glorious WSOU Sombrero by the famous Thomas Perry while I read funny news on air, seeing Dillinger at Irving Plaza, having been a specialty host on both Blurred Visions and now Streamlined with my Co-Host Erica.
About Me: While in high school, one of my big dreams was to become a DJ at the station. I would listen to WSOU nearly every day and still do. Hearing the DJs on air and even news people encouraged me even further to go for my dream. I love being a DJ hear at the station and am honored to be a in the programming department here at WSOU for two years strong.
rohit DJ Name: Rohit
Hometown: Fremont, CA
Favorite Five bands: Queens of the Stone Age, Allegaeon, Between the Buried and Me, Revocation, and Children of Bodom.
Hobbies: Listening to music,Watching sports, playing sports and pretending to know what I'm doing
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to Gwar BQ with Steve and Brian and doing Gwar things all over Richmond, VA.
About Me: I am New Jersey transplant from California with the weirdest sports teams taste in the world(Go Red Sox, Broncos, Sharks and Cavs!) I like about any type of metal and you can listen to me co-host Storming the Ramparts, calling a sports game or during my regular rotation shift!
WSOU Works:
Interview with Revocation
Rohit's Rebuttal to Mayhem Cofounder's Comments
stet DJ Name: Stetzosonic
Hometown: Millington, NJ
Favorite Five bands: Sonic Youth, Title Fight, Brand New, Dad, Circa Survive, and The National.
Hobbies: DJing at WSOU, playing guitar, going to shows, writing, and complaining.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Traveling to Chicago for Riot Fest this year. I spent a few days with some of my best friends seeing my favorite bands. Also, I got to interview Kevin Devine a few months ago which was pretty sweet.
About Me: I like long walks on the beach and rock music. I've been a part of WSOU since the summer of 2012 and am the host of The Campus Buzz on Sundays from 8-11 PM. I play guitar (air, acoustic, and electric) and am an indie/emo kid lost at a metal station.
WSOU Works:
Interview with Exodus
Show Review: RIP Glocca Morra
DJ Name: Cosmos
Hometown: Basking Ridge NJ
Favorite Five bands: Killswitch Engage, Amon Amarth, As I Lay Dying, Type O Negative, and Avenged Sevenfold.
Hobbies: Reading the news, reddit, watching TV, chilling out listening to music
Favorite WSOU Experience: The first time I went on air as a newscaster Tom the Tank made me put on the WSOU sombrero
About Me: My Mom was a DJ here on WSOU when she was in college so I grew up hearing the name. Coming from a radio family, it has been like a rebirth rocking out here at the station. I'm just a short Italian guy from Jersey who found his home here playing music that scares the unworthy. I fit right in here, and it was definitely the community I was looking for in my transition to college.
The Big Red Machine
DJ Name: The Big Red Machine
Hometown: Cranford, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Dream Theater,  La Dispute, Clutch, Them Crooked Vultures, and Queens of the Stone Age.
Hobbies: Writing, drumming, video games, listening to music, and watching movies.
Favorite WSOU Experience: My first daytime DJ shift. Everything just fell into place, and it went really well. The nerves subsided and I became the Big Red Machine.
About Me: Born and raised in suburbia, I take to the airwaves with all the hard rock and heavy metal you can possibly handle. I'm a business student, but at WSOU metal is my business. I also help run the stations website and make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.
WSOU Works:
Album Review: Quiet World by Native Construct
Album Review: The Astonishing by Dream Theater
The Official WSOU Podcast 030: 30 Years of Metal
DJ Name: Clayton
Hometown: Port Jefferson, NY
Favorite Five bands: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Austrian Death Machine, Between the Buried and Me, and Black Sabbath.
Hobbies: Being behind the mic at WSOU, going to the beach, Baseball, Writing about sports, Movies, Swimming,Tennis, Sailing, Theatre, Going to Mets games.
Favorite WSOU Experiences: 1) Going to Malibu with Len Zeppelin over Thanksgiving (We met Jerry Rice!) and going to Tampa with Brendan Borthwick and covering the MLB Draft with Vince Coughlin.
About Me: I'm studying journalism at Seton Hall. I am hoping to go into sports journalism or broadcasting, and WSOU is a great outlet for me to do so. I actually came to SHU for the radio station and the amount on-air experience and opportunities I have gotten has far exceeded my expectations. I have always been a big classic rock fan-I have my dad to thank for that-but metal has grown on me since working at WSOU. Besides the station, I write online for several websites, mostly about the Mets and enjoy playing baseball, tennis, swimming and sailing. Growing up on Long Island within walking distance of the water, I try to be at the beach whenever possible.

Kreature Kate DJ Name: Kreature Kate (Katie)
Hometown: Belleville, NJ
Favorite Five bands: A Day to Remember, Beartooth, Misfits, Title Fight, and Say Anything.
Hobbies: Writing/blogging, collecting vinyl records, photography, and cats.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Co-hosting Under the Stars with Trisha and Jordyn.
About Me: I am a journalism major. I have found a home at WSOU. I love planning things out and having themes for everything. It makes everything more fun, so I like making playlists that follow some kind of trend. Requests make me really happy and I try my best to play them all!
WSOU Works:
Music News: Set It Off Dismisses long-time Bassist, Austin Kerr
Under the Stars: Tiny Dots
A Professor's Quest to Save Breasts

Brendan the Barbarian

DJ Name: Brendan the Barbarian
Hometown: Union, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Amon Amarth, Van Halen, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Metallica
Favorite WSOU Experience: I have two favorite experiences; the first was when I got to interview a local band called Orbynot. They were the nicest people I have interviewed. We just hung out for a solid half an hour talking about their music and had lots of laughs. My second experience was going to Mayhem Fest. I got to interview not only a band called Jungle Rot, but Andy LaRocque from King Diamond. It is a day I will never forget!
About Me: I have been listening to WSOU for more years than I can remember. Before the station I did not really have a genre of music that I preferred and my taste was all over the place. One night my sister and I were driving in her car and she asked me a question that changed my life forever "Have you ever heard of Metallica?" she then played Master of Puppets and that sent me down the road of Metal. I then found bands like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. A few years after that and I found the very glorious Amon Amarth. It was then that I found the soundtrack to my life.
WSOU Works:
King Diamond Interview
Album Review: Time Stands Still by Unleash the Archers
DJ Name: The Adambomb
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Favorite Five bands: A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon, Touche Amore, Letlive, and Rise Against.
Hobbies: Beating you at monopoly, pretending to be an adult, tripping on my own feet, being loud, talking fast, going to shows, getting Chipotle, complaining about the Jets, playing your requests.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Becoming a DJ. Hearing my own voice on the radio. Making production spots for days. Becoming Tech Ops Director. Going to Nebraska to call a Seton Hal Men's Basketball game. Going to a countless amount of shows. Tripling my music library.
About Me: I am loud, I love to play requests. I am open to almost all music, but I have a soft spot for songs I can sing/scream along to.
WSOU Works:
Album Review: The Banner- Greying
DJ Name: Steve
Hometown: Matawan, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: System of a Down, Trivium, Job For A Cowboy, Despised Icon, and The Black Dahlia Murder.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to New England Metal and Hardcore Festival my freshman year and getting to do my first interview as well as a lot more that weekend.
Hobbies: Playing drums, screaming into a microphone, listening to music, going to concerts, playing video games.
About Me: WSOU was the main reason I came to school here because as a listener of the station my entire life it has been a dream of mine. I started getting into heavier music at a young age; System of a Down actually got me into all of it when Toxicity came out. I was 7 years old. Bands like Iron Maiden really got me more into metal then I instantly fell in love with Death Metal, Grindcore, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore, etc. As cliché as it is, music is my life and most people find it hard to believe I listen to some of the stuff that I do.
WSOU Works:
Interview with Tomas from At The Gates
Ruination's Debut: A Reflection
ryan DJ Name: Ryan
Hometown: Forked River, NJ
Favorite Five Artists: Eminem, Drake, The Game, Rick Ross, and J.Cole.
Hobbies: Running, Athlete for Seton Hall (Cross Country), listening to music, hanging out with teammates and friends, video games
Favorite WSOU Experience: All of the traveling experiences we get as sports broadcasters at SOU is truly an amazing opportunity and a blessing so I would say all of the trips I've gone on for men's and women's basketball for sure. Getting to be the host of What Chu Been Missin.'
About Me: My name is Ryan, but teammates and friends call me Flan. I started out at WSOU as an inspiring sports broadcaster and my experiences here learning about the music industry and what goes into it has been an amazing experience. Being a staff member here at WSOU has been one of, if not the best thing to ever happen in my life and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The friends and fun I've had here could never be replaced. If you're looking for a life changing experience, than this radio station is the place for you.
DJ Name: Jordyn
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Top 5 Favorite Bands: La Dispute, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Every Time I Die, Enter Shikari
Favorite WSOU Experience: Getting extremely sad every Tuesday night and co-hosting Under the Stars
About Me: I joined the station at the end of my freshman year and have been here ever since- best decision ever. I’m a broadcasting major with a concentration in radio. I found my niche here and am a co-host for the saddest, most emo, pop-punk specialty show- Under the Stars with my pals Katie & Trisha. Most people recognize me from my accent… No, I’m not from Australia- it’s a Philly accent. It’s called Pork Roll- not Taylor Ham.
Name: Grant (G-Man)
Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Gaslight Anthem, The Killers, Aerosmith, Childish Gambino, and Miike Snow
Hobbies: Watching sports, video games, listening to music, driving, taking care of cats.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Doing the stage announcements for Killwitch Engage in January, and watching DJ Worldwide make his debut as Whatchu Been Missing debut.
About me: I am a sports management major and part of the business school here at Seton Hall. My time here at the station has made me fall in love with radio, so I picked up a broadcasting minor as well. I co-host Campus Buzz on Sunday nights with the great Stetzosonic from 8-11pm! The show plays mostly indie, alternative, and college rock, but I am a huge metal fan as well. When I’m not at the station, or on campus, I will be at home, playing a lot of video games, and watching a lot of TV. I am a nerd, but I also love sports. I’m a NY fan so I root for mostly local teams, except in basketball where I’m a Lakers fan. Otherwise I’m all Giants, Yankees, Devils, and NYFC.  Keep it loud, keep it heavy, and don’t forget, sad boys gonna be sad.
DJ Name: Habenaro
Hometown: Plainfield, NJ
Favorite Five bands: Shellac, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Botch, and Sleep
Hobbies: Playing guitar, drawing, painting, listening to music, reading philosophy, playing Pokemon, playing D&D and hanging out with friends.
Favorite WSOU Experience: The first week after I got my DJ clearance I got to do 2 interviews. The first was in Studio with 40 Below Summer, the second was with Joe Hahn of Linkin Park. Both are bands that I love and the fact that I got to interview them because of WSOU made both experiences great.
About Me: I am a Graphic Design Major at Seton Hall. I've always had some respect for metal before working here but by working here I've gotten more and more in to it. I host Blurred Visions, which is our doom metal show.
DJ Name: Adrienne
Hometown: Freehold, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, The Misfits, Volbeat, and Nightwish.
Hobbies: Dance, Greek Life, Hanging Out With Friends, Shopping, and Excessively Quoting SpongeBob.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going on a tour of NBC with the WSOU News Team in early 2015. A few of us wound up taking an elevator with Seth Meyers and his bodyguard! Other great memories include the Christmas party, scary movie marathon and ‘90s Night at the station.  
About Me: I’m a Broadcasting Major specializing in Television Production and minoring in Music Technology. WSOU brought my confidence up a ton, especially when I started reading News on the air and eventually became a DJ this past winter. I love all genres of music and have really gained an appreciation for metal!
rebecca DJ Name: Rebecca
Hometown: Vernon, NJ
Favorite Five bands: Say Anything, Rolling Stones, Motley Crue, Lamb of God, and Volbeat.
Hobbies: Skiing, longboarding, playing my saxophone
Favorite WSOU Experience: Having sleepovers at the station and waking up to bagels from Frank and Mr. Maben, our Chief Engineer and General Manager
About Me: I'm from Northern Jersey and WSOU has truly become my home away from home. The music, the people, even the station itself are the highlight of my college career and I wouldn't want it any other way. I can't believe how much I've learned and experienced in only two years here. Currently I am Assistant Music Director, co-host of specialty shows Street Patrol and New Music Fridays, and a DJ for a regular rotation shift.
mike DJ Name: Mike
Hometown: Huntington, NY
Favorite Five bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Tool, Trivium, and Nine Inch Nails.
Hobbies: Music, going to concerts, film, video games, having fun, DJing at WSOU!
Favorite WSOU Experience: Either the 65th Anniversary Dinner or getting to meet Killswitch Engage before their show with Lamb of God, awesome night.
About Me: Broadcasting major at Seton Hall, film junkie, bass player and music lover. When I found out that Seton Hall had a metal station I knew I had to check it out. Being a part of WSOU is amazing and I have met so many awesome people here.
pete DJ Name: Pete (on occasion: Poseidon Pete)
Hometown: Frelinghuysen, NJ (currently in Roxbury, NJ)
Favorite Five bands: The Who, Led Zeppelin, Mastodon, Judas Priest, and Queens of the Stone Age.
Hobbies: Making sweet designs for WSOU merchandise
Favorite WSOU Experience: Hangin' out at the station with the buds, repp'n at shows, car parties, and eating my weight in food at Topps Diner in Harrison.
About Me: I grew up a bumpkin from the back woods of north-western Jersey where I was raised on classic rock and cheap beer. Today I work at 'SOU with promotions making merch for you and your crew. I'm a Graphic Design and Advertising major so promo is my game - it's all about the show.
dylan DJ Name: Dylan
Hometown: West Babylon, NY
Favorite Five bands: Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and ZZ Top.
Hobbies: Watching classic movies and playing video games with friends.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Being photoshopped onto Beavis and Butt-head for my staff member of the month picture and becoming the new host of Blurred Visions.
About Me: I have born and raised on Long Island and I just love rock and roll music! I'm a political science and history, so I'm a DJ for the fun of it and WSOU without a doubt the thing I love most about SHU.
DJ Name: Bridget
Hometown: Springfield, NJ
Favorite Five bands: The Strokes, System of a Down, Interpol, The Shins, and Nirvana.
Hobbies: Art, singing, clarinet, coffee, and concerts.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Valentine's Day Massacre was the first concert I've been to with the station, and there was so much energy in the crowd. I got to see vision of disorder up close, during their set was the first time I ever crowd surfed!
About Me: It all started with marching band and theater which evolved into radio and television broadcasting. I've always enjoyed performing as well as listening to music, and at WSOU I get the best of both worlds.

The Animal (Andre)
DJ Name: The Animal (Andre)
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Favorite Five bands: The Beatles, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Def Leppard.
Hobbies: Driving, WWE, going to concerts, newscasting, DJing, paintballing, and rifle spinning.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going out to concerts and talking to the many loyal listeners and hearing how WSOU kept them going through their toughest days.
About Me: Communications and radio broadcasting major who loves talking the night away. I love cars, especially Nissans and Infintis (Shoutout to owners of Nissan Maximas). I spend most of the time finding the humor in all things in the world and I do my best to share this humore to all.
DJ Name: Prateek
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, and Green Day.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to a tattoo convention with Erica and Pete and getting passes that said "Press" on them which made it so we can bypass the line. That was really cool, and people knew we were from the radio and that just made everything rad. Also, getting to co-host "That Other 70s Show" with Pete and Rebecca. Being an AP for them and finally getting on the air and becoming part of a the show is a real trip and a very exciting experience. Not only is it fun, but I also get a chance to expand on my knowledge of 70s music.
Hobbies: My hobbies include ping pong, and a-disco dance. It also includes playing guitar and recording music in general. Being edgy on a day-to-day basis and jamming with my band any chance we get.
About Me: I am just a city boy raised in Jersey City and consider it my home. Aside from food, I have a real passion for music. I started playing guitar at the age of 13 and drums at the age of 17. It is something that has been a major part of my life and working at WSOU helps me keep that part because I am with like-minded people. I double major in Philosophy and broadcasting and when I am not trying to find the meaning of life, I DJ and play the best in Metal and Hard/Active Rock. I consider WSOU my second home and co-workers, my second family. When I shave I look like a 12-year old boy.
anthony DJ Name: Anthony
Hometown: Dumont, NJ
Favorite Five bands: Airbourne, Psychostick, The Toasters, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, and Waking the Cadaver.
Hobbies: Playing sports, going to Devils and Pirates games at the Rock, learning the guitar, and reading.
Favorite WSOU Experience: 1. Going to the Starland Ballroom for a Between the Buried and Me show while moshing with Scuba Steve, Rohit, and Clayton. 2. Going to Chicago for the first time with Chris Paizis for a men's basketball game. 3. Representing WSOU for a Devils game for the first time. My hair was given the seal of approval by all-time great, Jaromir Jagr.
About Me: If you ask other staff members at the station, they'll say the same thing: WSOU is the reason why I chose to attend Seton Hall University. Whether it's calling a game for the Pirates, or DJ-ing in the studio, there is nothing better than turning on the mic and going on the airwaves. I am also very fortunate to be surrounded by such a great staff.
WSOU Works:
7th Annual Punk Island Proves That Punk is Not Dead
DJ Name: Megalodon
Hometown: Clifton, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Mischief Brew, and Mastodon.
Hobbies: Listen to music, going to shows, hiking, reading, and playing with my cats.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Hosting Punk U and getting to see Mastodon at the Central Park Summer Stage.
About Me:I'm a giant prehistoric shark with a high, girlish voice. I'm also a PR and Broadcasting doublemajor who started working at WSOU because of my love of music. I started out mainly listening to punk but started listening to more metal since working at the station. WSOU has been my favorite part of Seton Hall.
WSOU Works:
Album Review: Dark Black Makeup by Radkey
The Official WSOU Podcast 009: Ruber Bands
DJ Name: Skooter
Hometown: Keyport, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Descendents, Adolescents, The Bouncing Souls , and Bomb the Music Industry!
Hobbies: Writing, Painting, going to shows, looking at pictures of  cats, and studying like there's no tomorrow.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Hosting Punk University with my punk rock partner in crime, Megalodon.
About Me: I've been listening to WSOU since I was in middle school, and Punk University was always my favorite specialty show. A few years, I would have never thought that I'd get to DJ for it! I really enjoy learning more about music and broadening my horizons. As much as I love doing radio stuff, my real passion (and major) is social work. When I graduate, I would like to go to law school to become a child advocate. I also dream of owning 85 cats, but I'll start small with about 20.
WSOU Works:
Album Review: This Is Not For Children by Mischief Brew
The Official WSOU Podcast 010: Electrified
DJ Name: Veiga
Hometown: Vernon, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Volbeat, System of a Down, and Wovenwar.
Favorite WSOU Experience: This past summer (2015) was my first time hosting the specialty show "Electrified". It was overnight, and Bella and Brendan followed my time slot with their own overnight shift. Bella would never let Brendan come in alone because she thinks WSOU is haunted. One night, Bella was running late, so as I was leaving I hid around the corner and jumped out in front of her, and she freaked out! It was amazing, and on the bright side she's a little less worried about Brendan now that she knows I'm the WSOU Ghost.
Hobbies: Writting for a music blog, discovering new music, binge watching Netflix, being a slave to my job and going to the local watering hole with amigos
About Me: I host WSOU's electronic music specialty show "Electrified" on Monday mornings at 2 AM! I am a radio broadcasting major and graphic design minor. I've loved listening to the radio and music in general from a young age, so I was lucky enough to stumble upon WSOU freshman year. WSOU has opened me up to a whole new world of music. It's not only been a fun opportunity but a great learning experience as well. From interacting with callers, doing give aways, writing and reporting news casts and being an on-air DJ, I've been able to wear many different hats, and wherever I go I'll always have WSOU to thank for giving me a starting platform and allowing me to follow my passion.
WSOU Works:
Album Review: Communion by Years & Years
The Official WSOU Podcast 010: Electrified
DJ Mama
DJ Name: Mama
Hometown: Millington, NJ
Favorite Five bands: The Wonder Years, City & Colour, A Day To Remember, This Wild Life, Seaway
Hobbies: Guitar, Tumblr, writing senseless thoughts in a journal, and dancing like a crazy person whenever music is on.
Favorite WSOU Experience:Interviewing Matty Mullins and Fallujah at New England Metal Fest during my first year here, and hanging out with fellow staff members on the train into the city for present shows!
About Me: I came to Seton Hall to study computer science and I didn't know about the station. I then find out there was a place where my music-obsessed little heart could soar, and I completely fell in love with WSOU. It has already given me a lot of experiences and many great new friends. It has also molded my music tastes from switching my playlists from only Mumford & Sons and The Wonder Years to include Between the Buried and Me, as well as Beartooth. I have found my cozy little corner at the station and they even let me emo out as a co-host on Under the Stars on Tuesdays from 10 - 12 PM!!
DJ Name: Worldwide
Hometown: Nanuet, NY
Favorite Five Bands: SevenDust, Maximum The Hormone, E-Town Concrete, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, and Kanye West.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Was making my first two spots, because they became extremely popular and almost annoying. It felt cool to have my voice on the airwaves with out even having news or DJ clearance. And then after that, basically living in the studio and trying to produce as many spots as humanly possible.
Hobbies: Video Games are life, Scratching on turntables for fun, going to Home Depot and sizing up toilets, putting 2 dollar price tags on items in the dollar store.
About Me: I'm a pretty cool guy, being new to metal i wasn't sure I'd be at the station a lot. But once I got into the music and became friends with all of these awesome, beautiful, handsome, nicely sized people I started hanging out here a lot and "getting involved," but that mostly means telling jokes and putting out funny news casts and spots.
DJ Name: Holly
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Machine Head, Trivium, Despised Icon, Dream Theater and A Day to Remember.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Meeting Machine Head at Irving Plaza. Getting to talk to Dave McClaine and Phil Demmel was insane (and they were so nice!) Seeing them play a 2 1/2 hour set was the best show I've ever been to.
Hobbies: Writing, signing, driving & being an overall nerd.
About Me: A Broadcast major and self proclaimed metal head. Addicted to music.I fell in love with heavier music at an early age; the first song I knew the lyrics to was Metallica's Enter Sandman. One of my earliest memories was playing Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train for my friends in elementary school. I'd like to thank my mom for playing Disturbed for me in 6th grade, it was the first time I can remember knowing music had to be a part of my life. Being a WSOU allows me to love music and turn it into a career.
WSOU Works:
Interview with To Write Love on Her Arms
Interview with Randy Blythe
DJ Name: Caroline (Carol)
Hometown: Staten Island , NY
Favorite Five Bands: The Misfits, Volbeat, The Ramones, Asking Alexandria, and Pearl Jam.
About me: Diplomacy with Russian & Chinese major… I like traveling, taking pictures, and snowboarding and basically all outdoor activities. I've been a part of WSOU since freshman year and am now the News Director. I DJ the Campus Buzz every Sunday night from 8-11pm playing the best in indie and alternative rock.
DJ 2 Ply DJ Name: DJ 2 Ply (Ryan)
Hometown: Springfield, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Silverstein, Circa Survive, Saosin, Chevelle, and Incubus.
Hobbies: Music, concerts, traveling
About Me: I play drums in a band called The Vaughns and I play guitar on the side. I love to travel and try to go somewhere every year. Sometimes I DJ at WSOU which happens to be my favorite part of Seton Hall. I'm sure most people at the station would agree. WSOU is life.
DJ Name: Rain
Hometown: Iselin, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Dream Theater, Killswitch Engage, Rage Against the Machine, Nightwish, Amaranthe
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to the Food and Rock Carnival and meeting a guy that dressed up as Slash, who then told me that he's been listening to WSOU since he was little. Being new, this was awesome to hear.
Hobbies: Playing saxophone, going to concerts, playing soccer, listening to music, and playing video games.
About Me: I can usually be found playing my saxophone, watching Back to the Future, snowboarding, or playing soccer. I am in love with classic rock music and enjoy high quality cinema.
WSOU Works:
Album Review: The Astonishing by Dream Theater
Nick DJ Name: Nick
Hometown: Cranford, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Lamb of God, Slayer, Beartooth, Of Mice & Men, and Motley Crue.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Interviewing Chris Motionless from Motionless in White in the studio. I love the band and got to have a great in depth 45 minute interview with him. After the interview he told me it was the best interview he ever did! Also meeting some of the nicest people in the world and getting to go to many cool shows.
Hobbies: Playing drums, headbanging, discovering music, trying to be funny as often as humanly possible, being extremely obsessed with RiFF RAFF for reasons I don't understand.
About Me: My name is Nick and I've been working at WSOU since the very first day of my freshman year. I've listened to the station since I was a little kid and always wanted to work here so this is a dream come true. Music is my life and I listen to every style of music but metal has always been my favorite and I love that I get to share my favorite music with everyone ove rthe air. I've been one of the hosts of Out of Babylon since the winter of my freshman year and have had the pleasure of interviewing a ton of bands.
WSOU Works:
Motionless in White Interview
Underoath Interview
DJ Name: Magic Mike
Hometown: Brick, NJ
Favorite Five Bands: Black Sabbath, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Protest the Hero, and Rage Against the Machine.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Seeing Children of Bodom and Death Angel at Irving Plaza with the 'SOU crew my freshman year. It was my first WSOU show and to this day it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. That and interviewing Dave Lombardo.
Hobbies: Headbanging, playing guitar, bass, and pretending I can drum.
About Me: I'm a Public Relations major and Promo Assistant at the station. I also co-host Vintage 80s every Thursday night with Cosmos. I love going to shows and discovering bands I've never listened to before. WSOU is my home away from home. WSOU Works:
"Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!" 30th Anniversary
The Official WSOU Podcast 006: DJ Kandy
Metal Mel DJ Name: Metal Mel
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Favorite Five Bands: Children of Bodom, Arkona, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Kreator.
Favorite WSOU Experience: Getting recognized as "Metal Mel's Voice" by a cashier at a Wawa in Parsippany... and asked to pose with for a selfie.
Hobbies: Headbanging, drawing comics, sleeping, watching/playing hockey
About Me: I'm a second-generation radio geek. My dad was a DJ at Philadelpia's own WFIL, and one of my earliest memories is throwing a massive tantrum because I thought "Daddy was trapped in the radio." Heavy metal was my first true love, and it has undoubtedly gone hand-in-hand with my Russian heritage in shaping my nihilistic outlook on life. I also have multiple ghastly hockey scars, and I am darn proud of them.
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