Meet the DJs

DJ ill Will

DJ Name: ill Will - Station Manager
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: E-Town Concrete, Rage Against the Machine, Motorhead, Metallica, Dance Gavin Dance
Favorite WSOU Experience: Meeting up with listeners at our WSOU Presents Shows
About Me: As someone who only listened to metal music while playing video games, DJ ill Will's full apprecaiton of the genre came after becoming a full-time DJ at WSOU. You can always find him bringing you the latest and greatest in metal music news. You can also find DJ ill WIll on Whatchu Been Missin' Sunday nights from 10 PM to Missin' Sunday Nights from 10 PM to Midnight and calling Seton Hall games throughout the season. 

DJ Chewie with Ice Nine Kills

DJ Name: Chewie - Music Director 
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: The Wonder Years, Ice Nine Kills, Metallica, Slayer, Green Day 
Favorite WSOU Experience: I got to go out to Columbus, Ohio and conduct interviews with artists like Randy Blythe of Lamb of God and Hands Like Houses.               
About Me: I am at Seton Hall to study sound production and music performance. This comes from many years of playing music myself in various small town, went nowhere rock bands. However, the number one thing that was certain when I applied to the Hall was that I wanted to join WSOU. Starting in Freshman year of high school, I started to switch from classic rock to punk and metal.  Since then, I’ve gone to shows anywhere from down the street at a local church, to two and a half hours away in Reading, PA, and have seen the greats like Metallica, Slayer, Green Day and more. The radio station has only helped increase my interest and experiences with music and the artists of our genres.       

Jillian Fitzpatrick

DJ Name: Fitzy - Technical Operations Director
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: Nine Inch Nails, Dawes, The National, Mumford & Sons, and Elvis Costello & The Attractions. 
Hobbies: Reading, writing, playing guitar and going to shows!
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to a presents show with Beartooth and getting to meet Caleb Shomo and film his interview with DJ Jessie.
About Me: I love a lot of different music. Currently I've been listening to a lot of Indie and Alternative, but I've also recently fallen in love with Nine Inch Nails and bands like Ministry and the Dillinger Escape Plan. I study English, Writing, and Politcal Science, so the station allows me to really get into broadcasting and journalism in a way I don't get the chance to in class. I often say my other music interests lie in "old man music," which makes it perfectly fitting that I host "For The Record," our 70's specialty show, that you can listen to every Monday night from 8PM-10PM! 

Tay DJ bio DJ Name: DJ Tay - Promotions Director 
Home State: New Jersey
Favorite Five Bands: Neck Deep, The Killers, Blink-182, Nirvana, The Story So Far, Halsey
Hobbies: Listening to music, writing, watching Netflix
Favorite WSOU Experience: Attending the College Broadcasters, Inc. National Student Electronic Media Conference this past year in Seattle, Washington.
About Me: I am a senior at Seton Hall studying Public Relations looking to work in the music industry. Concerts are my favorite thing in the entire world. I am involved in the music, news, and sports departments at WSOU, and I am also the current Promotions Director. 
Val with a band DJ Name: Valentino (Nick) Petrarca 
Home State: Rhode Island
Favorite Five Bands: Ice Nine Kills, My Chemical Romance, Brand New, A Day To Remember, and The Wonder Years
Favorite WSOU Experience: There is no one particular experience. Everything I do at WSOU fills me with joy and fulfillment 
About Me: I am the co-host of the Pop-Punk/Emo/Post-hardcore show Under The Stars on Tuesday night 10pm-Midnight. I love all kinds of music and play guitar. I have so many goals in life, and cannot wait to start chasing them all. I hope to one day become a songwriter, filmmaker, and stand up comedian. If you listen to any of my shows and/or support me in all my dreams, I’ll owe you my first born son. 
Im done

DJ Name: The General 
Five Favorite Bands: Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden, Sabaton, A Day to Remember & Between the Buried and Me 
Favorite WSOU Experience: Getting to attend WSOU Presents Shows and see so many cool bands preform as well as interacting with the listeners 
About Me: I’m a sophomore marketing major. I grew up listening to classic rock and 80s metal such as Iron Maiden and Metallica. I always had a fascination with radio and after I found out about WSOU I decided to join with hopes of eventually becoming a DJ. I also co-host the emo/pop punk specialty show Under the Stars from 10-12 on Tuesday nights.


DJ Name: Psychosis 
Five Favorite Bands: Amon Amarth The Misfits, System of a Down, Rammstein, Coheed and Cambria & Korn  
Favorite WSOU Experience: Being able to go on air and interact with listeners 
About Me: I grew up listening to classic rock. A psychology major at Seton Hall University I am truly here for the love of music. My hobbies include going to concerts, hiking, and drawing. Listening to punk rock as a kid I fully developed an appreciation for the metal scene being at WSOU. One of my favorite things about DJing is listening to the requestsof the listeners in order to broaden my range of music appreication. I am also the host of the 80's speciality show on Thursdays from 8-10pm where my favorite band is Twisted Sister. 

A picture of Julie DeVoti

DJ Name: DJ JD, Julie DeVoti 
Favorite Five Bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dance Gavin Dance, Chon, Primus and Queens of the Stone Age
Hobbies: I enjoy watching college basketball (Go Pirates!), watching MLB (Go Yankees!) and going to the beach.
Favorite WSOU Experience: I got to help interview Dez Cadena of the Misfits and Black Flag during Punk University. He was very cool and fun to talk to for the two hour show!
About Me: I have been around the radio industry my whole life and first got to go on air when I was a year old. I am glad to have my own show now and work in radio! I am a Senior Public Relations Major and I hope to pursue a career in the entertainment or pharmaceutical industry.

Jimmy Krause

DJ Name: Sauerkrause
Home State: New York
Five Favorite Bands: System of a Down, Seven Kingdoms, NSP, CHVRCHES, Dynazty
Hobbies: Singing, going to shows, video games, eating Chipotle, theater
Favorite WSOU Experience: Going to the WSOU Staff Formal that we hold every year and meeting most of my fellow staff members for the first time. If it weren't for that night, I likely would have never met some friends that are going to last a lifetime.
About Me:  When I visited Seton Hall for the first time, the thought of joining a heavy metal radio station never crossed my mind. However, when I went to WSOU for the first time, I knew that it was the place for me and was the deciding factor for me coming to Seton Hall. I am a Communication major and the Assistant Station Manager at WSOU. I first joined the staff of WSOU during the spring of 2017 and have never looked back since. I am currently the host of two specialty shows: Street Patrol (Wednesdays 8-10) which is our local metal show where we play unsigned and local bands and Campus Buzz (Sundays 8-10) which is our indie and alternative show. I also DJ and occasionally newscast. I am so glad that I joined the station because it has given me so many opportunities and friendships that I am never going to forget.

Chris R

DJ Name: Mad Dog
Five Favorite Bands: Coldplay, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen
Hobbies: Watching TV, movies, and sports, reading
Favorite WSOU Experience: Calling a basketball game at Creighton and Record Store Day


Piper Warnagiris

Piper Warnagiris
Ivoryton CT, Lafayette CO, Flemington NJ, and St. Charles IL. I moved a lot.
Major:  Business Entrepreneurship 
Year: Sophomore
About: I absolutely love hiking and singing. I frequent Renaissance Faires and love anything Steampunk. I love to create new recipes in the kitchen and want to use my love of the business world to open multiple restaurants.
Ideal career after college: I want to start my own Steampunk themed restaurant with everything made from scratch.


DJ Name: Jett
Five Favorite Bands: Electric Light Orchestra, Green Day, The Frights, Johnny Cash & FIDLAR
Hobbies: Playing guitar, watching movies, writing, and playing strategy games.
Favorite WSOU Experience: I got to go to the NJ Hall of Fame inductions with the news department and interview George R.R. Martin.

About Me: I came to Seton Hall to study Diplomacy and History in the hopes of eventually becoming a Foreign Service Officer. I've always loved music so I thought it would be fun to DJ while I was in college. To be honest I wasn't a huge metal fan, I only really liked classic metal before I started working at WSOU but now its all grown on me.  

ElliotDJ DJ Name: ESP - Assistant Station Manager
Five Favorite Bands: Ben Folds Five, Vulfpeck, Tyler the Creator, Vampire Weekend, and Rex Orange County 
Favorite WSOU Experience: Traveling to see The Maury Show and receiving an internship through NBCUniversal shortly afterwards.
About Me: Born in the middle of a field in Pennsylvania, I grew up with only two sources of entertainment: herding cattle and listening to the radio. After receiving an absurd amount of money from Seton Hall, I moved to South Orange to pursue Music-Sound Production and Engineering. Now a junior with little-to-no idea where life may lead me, I reign over WSOU as Assistant Station Manager. When I am not slaving away over the DJ board, I spend what little time I have overseeing on-campus housing as a Resident Assistant. I enjoy submerging myself in excellent film, eating the finest of foods (under $10), and performing on stage whether that be acting, singing, or stand-up comedy. Find me on social media @espetrillagame

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