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    The request lines are open 24 hours a day
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Station Business

  • General Fax (973) 761-7593
    Business Fax (973) 275-2001

  • Street Patrol
    If you are an unsigned band, please send your demo to Street Patrol,
    WSOU’s program dedicated to local and unsigned artists:
    Street Patrol
    Seton Hall University
    400 South Orange Ave
    South Orange, NJ 07079

*** Like all radio stations, WSOU must comply with FCC rules. Please include lyrics when sending music to WSOU so we can make sure we are within regulation!***

You can also send your CD to our music department:

    Attn: Music Dept.
    Seton Hall University
    400 South Orange Ave
    South Orange, NJ 07079

Interference Problems
Not all pirates are good pirates. WSOU is Seton Hall Pirate Radio and our sports teams are known as the Pirates, but pirate radio stations are an increasing problem in our area.  Many of these illegal stations are causing reception problems for licensed radio stations, including WSOU.  Don't suffer with the static or a loss of 89.5 FM on your radio dial. Click here to learn what you can do.

Seton Hall Staff

Mark Maben
General Manager (973) 761-9546
Frank Scafidi
Chief Engineer

Student Managers

Omar Ahmad 
Station Manager
Brittany Martinez 
Program Director (973) 275-6461
Gabby Canella 
Music Director (973) 761-7546
Samantha Desmond 
Promotions Director (973) 275-2018
Victoria Hafner 
News Director (973) 761-6460
David Rind 
Sports Director (973) 275-2960
Chris Duquette 
Technical Operations Director (973) 761-7873
Katie Duffy
Staff Representative

Assistant Station Staff

Tia Ziagos 
Assistant Music Director
Deepak Gera
Assistant Music Director
John Lopiano 
Assistant Program Director

Lenny Nuciforo


Andrea Galimberti 
Assistant Program Director
Kayla Barry
Assistant Promotions Director
Nick Parco 
Assistant Promotions Director
Meg Peason 
Assistant Promotions Director
Ashley Duvall 
Assistant News Director
Marlenny Fabre 
Assistant News Director
Tim Lecras 
Assistant Sports Director
Chris Paizis
Assistant Sports Director
TJ Brennan 
Assistant Operations Director

Selenny Fabre
Assistant Operations Director


Ellie Molina

Assistant Webmaster

Steve Straqantanio

Production Director