WSOU Manager Contact Information

WSOU Managers/Emails Position Univ. Ext. Direct #
Mark Maben General Manager 9546 (973) 761-9546  
Frank Scafidi Chief Engineer   (973) 441-3083
Jennifer Kajzer Sales Manager   (973) 275-2000
Alicia Campos Station Manager 6110 (973) 313-6110
Charlotte Slocum Program Director 6461 (973) 275-6461
Katie Wilson Music Director 7546 (973) 761-7546 
Natalie Linares Promotions Director 2018 (973) 275-2018
Bob Towey News Director 6460 (973) 275-6460
Matthew Ambrose Sports Director 2960 (973) 275-2960
Rachel Haggerty Tech Ops Director    
Tayla Frey Social Media Manager    
Jose Feliciano Staff Representative    

General Fax: (973) 761-7593

General University Phone Number: (973) 761-9000, then enter extension #

Click the Name of the desired manager to get their email.

Students who are interesting in joining the staff of WSOU may fill out an online application or email the station manager at  Faculty and administrators may contact the WSOU program director at


WSOU Sub-Board/Assistant Managers:


Assistant Station Manager 
Jimmy Krause

Assistant Music Directors
Nick Polis

Assistant Promotions Directors
Sabrina Soroza
Faith Kessler

Assistant Sports Directors
Dagen Hugues
Frank Frasco
Dalton Allison
Chris Russo

Assistant News Directors
Wilner Louis
Faith Kessler
Tim Bonomo

Assistant Tech Ops Directors
Mike Reinhart
Doug Woolever - Production Manager

Seton Hall

Presidents Hall


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